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Map of Coatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park MapCoatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park Map

Located to the North West of Coatbridge and to the east of the M73, this wee gem of an area has only improved over the years.

There is a permanent orienteering course here.

Information about the area.

Originally used way back in the early 1980s, in fact the first STAG Map of the area was our 5th Colour Map.

Permanent Course on site & only 1 or 2 controls engulfed with Summer Vegetation.

Map number/history

5/1998, 22/1992, 68/2003, 96/2005, 111/2007, 119/2007, 127/2008, 130/2008, 137/2008, 147/2009, 161/2009, 170/2010, 177/2011.

Used for: Monday 10th May 2010 - STAG Spring Series 3 - Drumpellier CP, Coatbridge

Used for: Monday 13th Sept 2010 STAG Autumn Series 4 Drumpellier CP

Used for: Monday 25th October 2010 STAG Night Race 2 Drumpellier CP Coatbridge

Used for: Monday 30th Nov 2009 Drumpellier Country Park

Used for: NLC S5/6 Students Orienteering Challenge-Friday 20th Febuary 2015

Used for: Scottish Night Championships - Drumpellier CP - Saturday 14th February 2015

Used for: STAG - Scottish Schools Festival - Drumpellier CP - Friday 6th June 2014

Used for: STAG - Thursday 10th May - Glasgow Spring Series 2012 1st of 8

Used for: STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 7- Drumpellier CP- 12th May 2016- Event No.543

Used for: STAG/CLYDE Glasgow Spring Series No.8 - Drumpellier CP - Thurs 6th June 2013

Used for: STAG / CLYDE Series Event 6/7 - Thursday 5th June 2014 - Drumpellier Country Park

Used for: STAG / CLYDE Spring Series 3 - Thurs 4th May - Drumpellier Country Park - No.571.

Used for: STAG/CLYDE Spring Series 9 - Drumpellier CP - Thurs 18th June 2015

Used for: STAG Autumn 3 - Wed 30th Aug 2017- Drumpellier CP- No.586.

Used for: STAG Autumn Evening Event 3 Thursday 25th August 2011

Used for: STAG Autumn Series 2 - Sunday 17th Aug 2014 - Drumpellier CP, Coatbridge

Used for: STAG Dark Park 4 - Wed 29th Nov’17 - DCP/Lochview GC - No.594

Used for: STAG Dark Park 7 - Wed 14th March - Drumpellier CP- No.603.

Used for: STAG Dark Park 10 - Drumpellier CP - 25th Feb 2016 - Event No.539

Used for: STAG Dark Park Race 2 - Thursday 9th October 2014 - Drumpellier CP, Coatbridge

Used for: STAG Monthly Night Event 2 Thursday 26th January 2012

Used for: STAG Score 1 - Sunday 7th January’18 - Drumpellier CP- No.599.

Used for: STAG Score 2 - Sun 10th Jan 2016 - Drumpellier CP, Coatbridge - Event No.530

Used for: STAG Score 3 Sunday 12th Feb Drumpellier CP No.561

Used for: STAG Score 4 - Drumpellier CP-Sunday 15th February 2015

Used for: STAG SoSOL 5 - Sunday 24th February 2013

Used for: Sunday 16th January 2011 STAGLASGOW’S 12th Parks Champs - 3 Parks In 1 Day!

Area: Monklands, Near: Coatbridge
GoogleMap, OS Grid ref. NS7066

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This page is a record of the maps that have been professionally printed & either produced by T.O'Brien, Stirling Surveys, Peel Land Services & Deeside Orienteering & Leisure Maps.

All maps listed below are Copyright STAG & it is illegal to photocopy for use. Maps, with or without a permanent course can be purchased from the Club for a fee that includes a royalty charge & printing costs. Discount rates are available for large quantities, to affiliated Groups & STAG Members - price on application to

The map number is contained within the STAG logo on the map. In the map of Scotland, the formative logo of the SOA originates from Glasgow - where STAG is based - & the number indicates the location of the area.