Andy The Iceman Returns Victorious !!!

In June STAG’s Mr.Explorer, the one & only Andy Heald ventured up north not to prepare the Iceland Football Team for Euro 2016 but to take part in the OMM Iceland style.
Like our own KIMM / OMM this involved an overnight camp in the middle of nowhere having successfully navigated ones way through the magical terrain.

Word has now reached HQ that accompanied by his brother in law, the bold Andy won the Veteran Class.

STAG send our congratulations & if there are any photos available I shall add them to this report plus any further info from Andy.

OMM Iceland, Grindavik, 28 & 29th May 2016

NASA used Iceland for training prior to the moon landings.  After Iceland, Neil and Buzz must have been pretty disappointed with the lunar landscape, but the moon was probably a cheaper trip than Iceland these days.

We had miles of cracked black lava fields, steep-sided cones of unstable pumice and plains of fine ash that entered our shoes and tore our feet apart.  Worst by far was the tottering blocky lava separated by leg-snapping fissures.  This reduced us to 2km/hr for a period on Day 2.

The format of the OMM Iceland will be familiar to those poor souls who do the OMM in the UK.  Teams of two, carrying all their food and camping gear for two days.  The Iceland version had just two classes; Long Score (7hrs Day 1 and 6hrs Day 2) and Short Score (5hrs and 4hrs) and everyone camps together at one mid-camp.  One detail that was new to us was that the same controls were available both days but you weren’t allowed to clip them twice.  This meant that on Day 1, we had to think about saving a sensible route for tomorrow.  This explains why we did rather better on the first day than the second.

The map was 1:50k scale and we were told that it was the best available but you will have a fit when I show it to you.  Certainly we could not distinguish on the map the areas of runnable lava from those purgatorial blockfields.  Still, for us it was not about technical competition, more about the adventure.

Compared to the thousands of competitors in the OMM UK, there were only 38 teams.  Organisation was friendly and excellent.  A number of teams stayed on in Iceland for a few days after the event.  Fernando and I spent three days exploring the lovely highland valley of Thorsmork.  OMM Switzerland or OMM Japan next year?  Probably not, but I will certainly be at my 26th OMM UK in October.



Wow ! Footloose. Camp OOM

Posted on 17th Jul 16
by Terry O'Brien


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