The annual audit of the permanent courses in Glasgow is almost complete with only Bellahouston Park remaining to be checked.

Each year an annual audit is undertaken to check out the condition of our 15 permanent courses aka The ORIENTEERINGLASGOW PROJECT.

Launched in May 2002, some 8 years on the facilities are still in excellent condition although in some areas dampness has resulted in the posts losing their Red & White top. Should we have an upturn in the weather “First Aid” may be applied to the necessary casualties.

Alexandra Park
All posts in place. Posts 2,3 & 5 now cleared of vegetation.

Cathkin Braes Country Park
Posts 1 & 2 remain buried in deep undergrowth. Number 9 is missing. The remaining posts in the openland although visible have lost all their paint. Posts 10,11,12,13,14,15 & 16 all still have their red and white tops.

Dawsholm Park
As above. Stone posts could do with a fresh coat of paint. Post 3 has been hit again by a truck & will be found in the ditch. The area has been almost completely cleared of rhododendrons - quite weird!!

Glasgow Green
Due to the historic nature there are no issues with missing features or overgrowing vegetation.

Hogganfield Loch Park
Still awaiting compensation claim for the replacement of posts 6 & 7 and map upgrading due to the Housing Development in SE corner of park. Post 4 very damp.

Kelvingrove Park
Comments as for Glasgow Green. Next map may be extended to include Lobey Dosser Statue !!!!

King’s Park
Post 2 has either evaporated or is in the deep undergrowth at the side of the path junction. The other posts are all secure.

Linn Park
100% although Post 4 is a wee bit dusty and could do with a coat of paint.

Pollok Country Park
Bush at Post 15 is the only casualty to report. Remaining posts fine.

Queen’s Park
All posts visible. Growth around Posts 10 and 15 increases year by year.

Ruchill Park
The work on the new Primary School has swallowed up posts 5 & 6. Post 5 is still visible but inaccessible. Here again compensation was discussed some time ago. Otherwise Post 1 is now cleared, 2,3, 4, 7, 8, 9 & 10 are fine.

Springburn Park
Post 2 remains a bit chopped. Post 3 cleared. Post 4 is still on site but woodland has grown up very quickly around it. Others are fine.

Tollcross Park
Post 4 at south most bridge very damp.Several others slightly damp and in need of some TLC !!!

Victoria Park
Excellent condition.

Posted on 25th Jul 10
by Terry O'Brien


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