Monday 10th May 2010 - STAG Spring Series 3 - Drumpellier CP, Coatbridge

Drumpellier CP hosted our 3rd Evening Event, many thanks to John for all his work.

Twin Track Trios@ Drumpellier Park
Monday 10th May 2010

This evening’s STAG Spring Series event will be a straightforward cross-country course … with a difference. 15 controls are to be visited, grouped into five sets of closely sited controls with a longer run between each set. This (in theory) presents both a technical challenge and a physical challenge (“twin track” challenge). Oh, and there might be the odd dummy control to throw you off-track.

The winner will not necessarily be the orienteer who visits all controls in the quickest time. Times will be tallied into two groups (i) total time for long runs between sets; and (ii) total times for short runs between grouped controls. For each set, the quickest orienteer will be awarded 1 point, second fastest 2 points, and so on. The winner will be the orienteer with the lowest points tally across both short and long sets.

There will also be an 8 control around-the-loch course for beginners.


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Start times:

Registration from 6.15pm > 6.45pm.
Starts from 6.30pm > 7pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £2, Students £1.50 & Juniors £1.


Posted on 10th May 10 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Monklands
Near: Coatbridge
OS Grid Ref. NS 704664  GoogleMap

Map of Coatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park MapTerrain description

Located to the North West of Coatbridge and to the east of the M73, this wee gem of an area has only improved over the years.

Originally used way back in the early 1980s, in fact the first STAG Map of the area was our 5th Colour Map.

Permanent Course on site & only 1 or 2 controls engulfed with Summer Vegetation.

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