Monday 14th June 2010 Summer Series 4 Strathaven Park

And so the final event has come & gone and the flood of youngsters “promised” from 2 of the local primary schools never materialised.

Many thanks to Gary, Bernie & Gerry for their kind support.

Special mention goes to John Clark who cycled up to the event from his work in Hamilton and on the way broke a spoke. Not to be detered John set off after the event to rendevous with his wife in Hamilton but after approximately 1 mile another spoke broke.

Now quite by chance the STAG Mobile decided to go home via EK & not M74 and with a clever bit of packing we managed to get John’s bike & himself into the vehicle and returned him safe & sound to Mount Vernon - although his wife was still waiting for him in Hamilton as his mobile phone ran out of credit!!


Name & Club  Time  SCORE - 100pts per control;-10pts per 6secs+ 
Complicated Way     
Graham Kelly  18m13s  1500 pts 
Andrew MacPherson, CLYDE  19m40s  1500 pts 
Any Order     
John Clark, "STAG"  17m12s  1500pts 
Gillian Lamb  13m09s  1500pts 
Claire MacPherson, CLYDE  14m52s  1500pts 
Stuart Ferguson  16m30s  1500pts 
Megan & Abbie  18m56s  1500pts 
Katie Marsh  14m45s  1500pts 
Gillian & Jane  13m09s  1500pts 
Craig Thomson  21m02s  1500 - 70 pts = 1430pts. 
Gregor Lamb  21m07s  1500 - 80pts = 1420pts. 
Callum Noon  21m34s  1500 - 100pts = 1400pts. 
Daniel Marsh  27m52s  1500 - 460pts = 1140pts. 

details of the pre-event information


Signed from Glasgow Road @ Library to Car Park.


20 minute SCORE . Adults have a wee twist to cope with. Registration from 6.15pm in Car Park.

Start times:

From 6.30pm > 7pm. Controls will be collected in from 7.30pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors £2 : Juniors £1 : Students £1.50


Posted on 14th Jun 10 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: East Kilbride
Near: Strathaven
OS Grid Ref. NS702446  GoogleMap

Map of Strathaven - Strathaven Market Town MapTerrain description

STAG’s 1st Urban Map last used in August 2012.

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