Monday 16th Nov 2009 King’s Park

STAG Night 5

Your support on a fairly damp & miserable night is much appreciated.

Thanks to Bernie for doing Registration etc.

To Scott, Kevin & Alastair for bringing in controls.
Thanks for all their help resulted in me being home by 9.30pm.

Dawsholm Park next week will be a darker proposition !!! Entries by Thursday 19th please.


Option A     
Kate  30m37s   
Option B     
Scott  30m05s   
Simon  31m11s   
Alastair  32m44s   
Fraser  33m41s   
Kevin  36m42s   
Alison & Louisa  45m08s   
Lynn  51m22s   
Lauren  37m19s  Missing 2 Controls 
Gerry     Retired 

details of the pre-event information


From Carmunnock Rd pass Christ The King Church on your RIGHT as you head South, pass King’s Park Secondary & then turn LEFT into Croftpark Avenue.


Option B -Treble Score format. 3 groups of 5 controls plus 1 other. You decide whether to visit all the 30s or all the 40s or all the 50s, 1st, 2nd or 3rd but between each set of 5 (which you may visit in any order) you visit “60”.

Start times:

7.30 > 7.45pm.

Entry Fees:

£3 Seniors - £2 Students & £1 Juniors



Posted on 16th Nov 09 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G45
OS Grid Ref. NS  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - King’s Park MapTerrain description

Permanent course repaired & maps available 2017 - see below.

King’s Park was first used once by STAG back in 1985, when an event for primary schoolchildren was held as part of The International Youth Year.
A small but interesting area which can provide a challenge for everyone.

Maps available to download from BOF Website & from
STAG Direct, c/o 257 Warriston St.,Carntyne, Glasgow G33 2LF.
Send cheque / postal order for £1.50 per map to the above address.

Park History:

68 acre site was gifted to Glasgow in 1930 by Sir John A.Mactaggart.
Area consists of fine specimens of chestnut, lime, oak and beech trees.
Mansion House has been converted into modern residences.
Remains of a large stone sundial presented by the 14th Earl of Home can be
found in the flower garden at the southern end of the park.

Location details:

King’s Park - Glasgow G44
Bounded by Croftpark Av., Glencroft Rd., Mennock Rd., Southwood Dv. & Carmunnock Rd. (B766).

Details of other mapped locations



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