Monday 24th May 2010 STAG Summer Series 1 Tollcross Park

Summer Series of Events kicks off again @ Tollcross Park with a relatively simple Cross-Country Course of 4.6k 100m climb but with a wee twist ....

Ah the twist ,16 controls with the first starter going forwards ie 1 > 16 ; the second backwards - no Alastair you don’t have to run backwards just visit the controls 16 > 1.

Happy news from event on Monday 17th is that Tobi’s eyesight isn’t wonderful & Unit 57 was still secured to the fence but the red & white tape had been removed.

Thanks to Bernie, Claire, Simon & Tobi for bringing in controls after the event.


Forwards 1 > 16     
Terry STAG  20.26   
Patrick CLYDE  20.29   
Andy SCOUTS  34.37   
Lewis SCOUTS  39.34   
Finlay SCOUTS  41.02   
Chris SCOUTS  48.52   
Backwards 16 > 1     
Alastair CLYDE  21.21   
Callum SCOUTS  30.33   
Gerry STAG  31.18   
Jonathan SCOUTS  33.43   
Craig SCOUTS  35.58   
Trio 2 SCOUTS  55.33   
Gerry & Daniel  50.21   
Trio 1  54.38   

details of the pre-event information



Start times:

Registration 6.15pm > 6.45pm.
Start times from 6.30pm > 7pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £2, Students £1.50 & Juniors £1.


Posted on 24th May 10 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G32
OS Grid Ref. NS 635638  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Tollcross Park MapTerrain description

New Permanent Course installed, map updated Nov 2016 & relaunched in 2017.

Tollcross Park was the first Glasgow Park mapped by STAG back in 1982 and played a vital part in the early development of the Club.

Previous attempts to establish a permanent course in 1986 and 1988 were unsuccessful but with the regeneration of the Park underway we are again hopefully that the 2016 Course shall be a success.

Park History:

Acquired in 1896 covering 96 acres with extensive rose and floral displays.
Children’s Zoo and Play Area.
Swimming Pool and leisure complex.
Heritage Lottery Project helped restore the Winter Gardens re-opened November 2000.
Location details: Shettleston - Glasgow G32
Bounded by Tollcross Rd., Wellshot Rd., Ardlui St.,Enterkin St., Anstruther St., Elvan St., Dalveen St.,
Shettleston Rd., St.Mark’s St., Edenwood St. & Muiryfauld Dv.

Details of other mapped locations

Tollcross Park



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