Monday 30th Nov 2009 Drumpellier Country Park

STAG Night 7

Chips and cake – who needs outside caterers when Scott knows the way to the nearest chippy and Bernie knows how to work his oven?  Perhaps the perfect end to an almost perfect night’s orienteering.

STAG Parks in the Dark
Event 7, 2009/10
Drumpellier Park
Monday November 30th 2009
The Handicap Race

Okay, so maybe the circle over control 41 was a little askew; maybe the boulder at control 46 was more of a stone; maybe the little post at control 36 as a little too small to be easily found in the dark; maybe the big post at control 41 was not quite where the map suggested; maybe things could have been a lot worse if Terry hadn’t swapped around controls 32 and 33 to put them in the right order; and maybe John should have removed the reference to ‘novices’ for course 8. But, all things considered, for everyone to have made it home before midnight on a course planned and controlled by the man who took 19 minutes on a 100m control at Dawsholm Park last week, must surely register as an outstanding success!

Particular thanks to Terry for guiding John through the planning process, Scott for his administrative prowess (and his sat-nav chippy-hunting skills) and to Terry, Tommy and Alastair for helping collect the controls and making sure John made it home before midnight.

The handicap format worked well and everyone returned home within 10 minutes of the 45 minute target time.  Particular congratulations to Elizabeth Adams and Claire of Westerlands AC who flew around course 8 on their first event in a time of 37.29; and to Alison who completed her first course independently. The usual suspects were also pleased to welcome along the Carmichaels from TINTO and the Nolans from ESOC.

Following a formal complaint from Claire MacPherson, the STAG handicap committee scrutinised the handicap given to her husband, Andrew.  Regretably, we can find no evidence of foul play and can only conclude that Andrew had been saving up his faultless performance for Drumpellier.  Well done Andrew for blitzing home in a winning time of 35 minutes and 23 seconds.

For the record, the course distances were as follows: 1 (5.8km), 2 (5.1km), 3 (4.9km), 4 (4.8km), 5 (4.5km), 6 (4.1km), 7 (3.6km), 8 (2.9km) and 9 (2.6km).

Apologies (again!) to Claire MacPherson and to Alastair Dunlop – we can’t find a note of your times.  Please e-mail Terry and we can update the records.

1. Andrew MacPherson (Clyde) – course 5 – 35.23
2. Elizabeth Adams and Claire (Westerlands AC) - course 8 – 37.29
3. Gerry Thomson (Tinto) - course 5 - 40.58
4. Andrew Barrie (STAG) - course 9 - 41.40
5. Bernie Lafferty (STAG) - course 9 - 42.45
6. Dick Carmichael (Tinto) - course 6 - 43.56
7. Ron Nolan (ESOC) - course 1 - 48.23
8. Tobi Watson(STAG) - course 2 - 49.04
9. Tommy Begley (STAG) - course 5 - 49.05
10. Rick (Tinto) - course 6 - 49.58
11. Simon (STAG) - course 2 - 50.33
12. Terry O’Brien (STAG) - course 1 - 50.47
13. Alison (STAG) - course 7 - 54.37
14. Craig Nolan (ESOC) - course 1 - 56.28
15. Trish Carmichael (Tinto) - course 6 - 58.02
Alastair Dunlop (Clyde)
Claire MacPherson (Clyde)

Hopefully, see you all at the STAG 3 Parks event this Sunday (December 6th) or at the next Night Event (Kelvingrove Park, East on Monday December 7th)

John McKendrick


details of the pre-event information


Park in the Visitor Centre Car Park adjacent of the Visitor Centre. From the north, leave the M73 at the Gartcosh interchange (junction 2a), follow the local road to join the A752 (Lochend Road). Turn left, follow A752 for one mile, then turn left again to join Townhead Road. Visitor centre is on your right hand side.
From the east, leave the A8 at the Showcase cinema junction. Turn right to join the A752, crossing under the A8 to reach a roundabout. Take the first left at the roundabout (still the A752) and continue until reaching a larger roundabout at the junction with the A89 after 0.5 miles. Continue ahead (still the A752) and after 1.5 miles, turn right to join Townhead Road. Visitor centre is on your right hand side.
From the south, leave the M73 at junction 2. Leave the roundabout to join the A8. Leave the A8 at the first junction (Showcase cinemas). Turn left to join the A752 and follow directions as for ‘east’
From the west, leave the M8 at junction 8 to join the A89. Turn left at the roundabout and after 0.5 mile join the A752 and follow directions as for ‘east’.
From Airdrie and Coatbridge, don’t be silly, you know where you are going!


Short course and Handicap race. Short course is suitable for beginners. Each runner in the handicap race will be asked to complete a bespoke course. Handicaps will be based on previous results at STAG Night series events, results at SOLs, SSOLs, FWTNs, Tinto Twin etc. and, of course, the whim of the organiser. The Course Planner’s aim is that each runner should complete their course in 45 minutes. Everyone should have a fair chance of being the first runner home. In order to handicap ‘Elite performers’ it is likely that repeat hill shuttles will be a feature of some runners’ courses! (a positive attraction for those whose training mantra is ‘no pain, no gain’). It would be really really helpful for runners to notify Terry or John by the Thursday 26th November to facilitate course planning.

Start times:

Punching starts from 7pm > 7.45pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £3 - Students £2 - Juniors £1.50. If this is your 3rd event in the Series it is FREE!!


John McKendrick –


Posted on 30th Nov 09 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Monklands
Near: Coatbridge
OS Grid Ref. NS704664  GoogleMap

Map of Coatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park MapTerrain description

Located to the North West of Coatbridge and to the east of the M73, this wee gem of an area has only improved over the years.

Originally used way back in the early 1980s, in fact the first STAG Map of the area was our 5th Colour Map.

Permanent Course on site & only 1 or 2 controls engulfed with Summer Vegetation.

Details of other mapped locations



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