Monday 7th June 2010 Summer Series 3 Calderglen Country Park East Kilbride

Many thanks to Gerry T on a showery evening for this adventure. Pity the undergrowth had “exploded”!!!!


Name & Club  Time   
Long Course     
Terry O'Brien, STAG  37.32  S2P 
Jason Simpson, STAG  41.51  S2P 
Andrew MacPherson, CLYDE  42.56   
Tobi Watson, STAG  48.31  Extra Value Visit!! 
Alan Anderson  55.58   
Graham Kelly  69.00   
Craig Borthwick  87.00   
Sandra + 1  131.00  S2P 
Short Loop Completed     
A.Thomson  8.54   
S.Phillips(?)  9.01   
The Spice Girls  10.37   
L.Spence  14.44   
C.Gordon  16.20   
C.Anderson  DSQ   
F.Anderson  DSQ   

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Start times:

Registration from 6.15pm > 6.45pm.
Starts from 6.30pm > 7pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £2, Students £1.50 & Juniors £1.


Posted on 07th Jun 10 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: East Kilbride
Near: East Kilbride
OS Grid Ref. NS 654526  GoogleMap

Map of East Kilbride - Calderglen Country ParkTerrain description

Located to the south of East Kilbride, Calderglen incorporates a SSSI site of geological interest but also New Football Facility on site.
Part of a long term East Kilbride Project.

The gorge of the main river is an impressive environment to behold. The Crags on the east side are similar to the terrain at Chatelherault and not passable.

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