STAG 619 - Autumn 3 - Wed 29th Aug 2018 - Tollcross Park

Pleasant evening in a Sunny Tollcross Park.

I am pleased with the outcome of this first attempt at an evening sprint & realise courses could have been a bit longer.

My thanks to John, Blair, Lorna, Thomas, Peter, Simon, Peter, Karen, Colin & Jo for their support & assistance this evening.

As the NEW Tollcross Park is drawn to Sprint specifications it makes sense to plan such courses.

So the plan is to plan 3 courses each between 1.2k > 1.5k in length. Short Course you complete Course 1 ; Medium Course - Courses 1 & 2 & Long Course Courses 1, 2 & 3. You need to take a break & download between courses.

The question everyone is asking is will Andy Paterson actually make an appearance.

Pre-register - Send an email to if you can by 10pm on the Sunday pre-ceding the event.

The Map - Shall have been recently updated by Terry & printed on waterproof paper by Stirling Surveys.

Your Course - The format could be CROSS COUNTRY i.e. You are instructed which controls you have to visit & in what order. The format could be SCORE where you decide the order & sometimes there might be a weighting on controls as well as a time limit.

Map Overprinting - This can vary from having individually printed maps for each Course or everyone receiving the same overprinted map with further information about Courses printed on the map. This is an attempt to minimise map wastage.

Equipment In Use - STAG use Sportident Timing Equipment & Autodownload Programme. Electronic Timing Fingers can be borrowed for each event but shall be charged at cost if lost or damaged. Mini-Orienteering Flags tend to be used & to safeguard our kit the Units are likely to be padlocked to a secure location. When checking in at each control hold the Electronic Box in your free hand, pull so that the cable goes tight & so that your SI Finger can fit into the open socket on the box. Code Numbers are shown in Large Print on the top of each Electronic Box. SIAC Non-Contact punching in use.

Splits Print Out - A splits print out of your times per leg & the overall time shall be presented when you download.

Results - We aim to have results on our website by 10pm on the evening of the event but this is determined by size of entry & by the time we are packed up & grab a bite to eat.


Single page results


details of the pre-event information


Carntyne is nearest Railway Station. Entrance to park is off Wellshot Road.


Course Options - Short - 1.5k > 2.0k - For beginners . Technically easy.  Medium - 2.5k > 4.0k - Technically as difficult as the area shall allow. Long 5.0k+ & as difficult as the area shall allow.

Start times:

Registration - From 6:30pm > 7pm.    Start Times - informal / do it yourself - From 6:45pm > 7:15pm.

Entry Fees:

Entry Fees - For Non-Members over 21 years £6 ; Under 21 £3.  For Members of Scottish, British Orienteering Clubs Seniors £5 ; Juniors £3.  For STAG Members Seniors £4 ; Juniors No Charge (STAG Members do not pay the royalty for the use of their own Club’s Maps).
We are always happy to discuss discounted entry fees for Groups but this needs to be arranged in the week before the event you intend to attend.
Family Maximum fees - £8 for these events.



Posted on 29th Aug 18 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G32
OS Grid Ref. NS638636  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Tollcross Park MapTerrain description

New Permanent Course installed, map updated Nov 2016 & relaunched in 2017.

Tollcross Park was the first Glasgow Park mapped by STAG back in 1982 and played a vital part in the early development of the Club.

Previous attempts to establish a permanent course in 1986 and 1988 were unsuccessful but with the regeneration of the Park underway we are again hopefully that the 2016 Course shall be a success.

Park History:

Acquired in 1896 covering 96 acres with extensive rose and floral displays.
Children’s Zoo and Play Area.
Swimming Pool and leisure complex.
Heritage Lottery Project helped restore the Winter Gardens re-opened November 2000.
Location details: Shettleston - Glasgow G32
Bounded by Tollcross Rd., Wellshot Rd., Ardlui St.,Enterkin St., Anstruther St., Elvan St., Dalveen St.,
Shettleston Rd., St.Mark’s St., Edenwood St. & Muiryfauld Dv.

Details of other mapped locations

Tollcross Park



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