STAG 622 - STAG 10 Pin Bowling Championships - Thurs 20th Sept 2018

The King is dead !!! Long live King Peter !!!

Full report now available below.

The build up to our 2018 Bowling Championships was intense !!

At every opportunity this Autumn, the reigning Champion, John McKendrick, piled on the mental pressure in an attempt (unsuccessful :)) to psych his main rivals out.

And so the big evening arrived. First to arrive was reigning Club Champion Andy Heald who, unassuming as ever was calm and in control - well on the surface this looked the case but what was happening inside - could he complete the Double { One of the 2 favourites I had tipped}.

The trickle turned into a torrent & by 6:55pm everyone was there except for 3 but right on cue at 6:59:50 the Youngs strolled in & it was game on.

The group were randomly split into either Lanes 1, 2 or 3 but little did we know at this stage about the advantage of being in lane 3. Nothing to do with the camber of the floor but it was nearer the bar for Peter & this proved to be Arnis’ downfall as he had an extra 10m to travel.

Computers loaded & the first pins were splattered & after the first game I was just in the lead with a score of 126 but that was the end of my success.

Game 2 began & the BIG GUNS of McKendrick, Saltums & McMaster began to fire not just SPARES or STRIKES but TURKEYS after TURKEYS.

The excitement was building & the crowd were all (except John) routing for a New Champion !

Lane 2 finished first with Arnis posting a leading total score of 261. Blair’s score of 148 for this single game was to prove useful later on.

Knowing what he had to beat again inspired the reigning champ & John powered through in Lane 1 to pip Arnis by a mere 3 points.

The attention now turned to Lane 3 where Peter McMaster was on a roll & what a great end to his week was just around the corner.
I have no idea what 3 strikes in a row is called but his score just rocketed up and up & with a possible 4 bowls left the tension was unbearable.

Peter had to score 159 in his 2nd Game to eclipse John & when it happened the Crowd went wild with delight.

Congratulations to Peter on being STAG Bowling Champion for 2018 & our new STAG DODO Trophy for the highest individual score, outwith the overall winner was presented to Blair Young.

Great night was had by all but next year I want Lane 3, a pair of bowling shoes & a bowling ball that doesnt hurt the index finger of my right hand.

PS Peter was my other pre-event favourite :)


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Posted on 21st Sep 18 by Terry O'Brien

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