STAG Autumn 1- Thurs 11th Aug - Greenhead Moss - Event No.546

Thank-you for your support. Results are now sorted as explained below.

With the added poor weather a tough event was made even tougher. Having ran round a past SoSOL Green in just under 40 minutes a fortnight ago, I was amazed / concerned when I saw the quantity of undergrowth this evening which had exploded throughout the area. My thanks to Blair & Lorna for organising & planning this event.

As some controls were not in place I have had to guess some split times so as your result stands. These splits are ficticious.

I have a print out for Olin on the Short giving a time of 13:28 but no controls. I can only guess he ran round before the course was put out ????

Hope to see you all at Springburn next Thursday, Terry.


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Parking in the wee car park in Creamery Road. Less than a 1k walk from Wishaw Station


3 standard Cross Country Courses
Long - TD4/5 - ELT - 30mins > 35mins.

Medium TD4/5 - ELT - 20mins > 25mins.

Short - TD 2/3 - ELT - 12mins > 15 mins.

Start times:

6.30pm > 7pm. Courses close 8pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £5 ; Students £4 ; Juniors £2.


Posted on 11th Aug 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Motherwell
Near: Wishaw  GoogleMap

Terrain description

Situated to the south-east of Cambusnethan & north-west of the village of Waterloo, Greenhead Moss is a cracking wee area with a terrific mix of terrain & old mineworkings.

For those of you who have never been to the “Serengeti” this is your chance !!

The mapped area covers over 270 acres of land incorporating a wide variety of terrain, an extensive path network and as the term “Moss” implies not a great deal of climbing. Runnability at this time of year is at its best.

Throughout the area there are several monuments and the Stratographic Stairway & Ramp is worth closer examination after your run.

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