Resident of Springburn Park

STAG Autumn 2 - Thurs 18th Aug - Event No.547-Springburn Park - DUO

Thanks to Ida, Gerry, Rafaela, John McK & John R for all their help.
Results now available. The Autodownload programme for SCORE Events will not show Controls more than once so the second “60” on the Long does not appear on html file.

Please note that Control 32 is a Snow Leopard & not a Tiger or even a Bear.

Please note that the Autodownload Programme is not clever enough to check the “79” totals so this has been done manually.

Thanks for your support. Please pop your name etc onto “O” Entries if you hope to come along to Drumpellier CP next Thursday.


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Parking at east end of Broomfield Road.


Simply there are 19 controls in use. The magic number you have to remember is “79” so you create the pairs eg “31” + “48” ; “32” + “47” etc - there are 9 pairs & Control 60.
Long Course - from Start visit “60” then collect the 9 pairs in any order ; return to punch “60” then go to Finish.

Medium - Similar to above but you only need to go to “60” from the Start or prior to coming to the Finish.

Short - Visit all 19 controls in any order.

Start times:

From 6.30pm > 7pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £5 ; Students £4 & Juniors £2.



Resident of Springburn Park

Posted on 18th Aug 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: glasgow G21  GoogleMap

Map of Springburn Park MapTerrain description

Permanent course repaired. Relaunch 2017.

The area was mapped in the mid 1980s as a STAG Junior Project and was included in the first Glasgow Parks Summer Series in 1989.
Another small park but with a variety of terrain it offers a good challenge.

The 10 controls will take about 30 minutes to walk round.

Park History:

Acquired in 1896.
Highest point is 351 feet above sea level.
Magnificient Rockery near Balgrayhill Rd. entrance.
Former Winter Gardens on site.
3 ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.
Peace Garden dedicated to the late Lord Provost, Bob Innes.
Springburn Elderly Mens Club building.
Bowling greens and play area.

Location details: Springburn - Glasgow G21

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