STAG Autumn Series Evening 1 - Thurs 20th Aug - Kelvingrove Park - No.515

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Remember Glasgow Parks Champs on Sunday 30th August - you need to enter on line.

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Park on Kelvin Way. Parking charges cease at 6pm.


Short, Medium & Long - 1.1k , 2.7k & 4.9k respectively with climbs of 20m, 60m & 100m.

Start times:

From 6.30pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors £4 ; Students £3 ; Juniors £2.



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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G1
OS Grid Ref. NS 570665  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Kelvingrove Park MapTerrain description

First used by STAG in 1989, the area is a regular on the “Come & Try” circuit.
In 1999, the Park World Tour held an event in Kelvingrove which attracted the World’s Elite orienteers to Glasgow.
The course utilises the history of the park as there are no additional markers, only the permanent features to navigate to !

Park History:

Acquired in 1852 & designed by Sir Joseph Paxton.
Major Exhibitions held in 1888, 1901 and 1911.
85 acres in area.
Several monuments including a cast iron fountain.
Incorporates Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum re-opened 2006.
Play areas and pond.
Tennis, bowls and croquet lawns.
Venue for 2014 Commonwealth Games Bowling. 
Location details: Kelvingrove - Glasgow G12
Bounded by Dumbarton Rd., Argyle St., Sauchiehall St., Park Circus, Gibson St. & University Av.

Past Events held

STAG Night December 2009(EAST).
STAG Race 2 December 2009 Parks Champs.
STAG Night January 2009.
STAG SMILE September 2008.
STAG Special Project for ISCB
STAG SMILE 20th September 2007.
STAG Night 2003.
STAG Evening May 2000.
STAG Evening Event August 1999
STAG / Park World Tour 1999.
STAG Evening Event 1999 - “O"rithmetical.
STAG Evening 1997.
STAG Hist"O"ric
STAG CATI June 1992.
STAG 1991.

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