STAG Dark Park 4 - Thurs 14th Jan 2016 - Victoria Park - Event No.531

What a great turn out !! Thanks to everyone.

I’m afraid that some folk have still punched the incorrect bonus box so, if this isn’t your first event @ night you are not credited with the extra points.

Updated League Tables also available to view.

Also if you were on a 25 or 30 Course, if you didn’t visit all 5 controls of each type “30” “40” “50”, your other controls are invalid.

The Bonus Points system explained below is available at this event.

We were using the New Bonus Points System as explained below adapted for these 15 Control SCORE EVENTS.

If you have the skills & the physical fitness to visit all 15 controls within the time limit & any local conditions imposed by Terry, your night is not done as you are now eligible to go for Bonus Controls
1. You can only achieve Bonus Controls / Points after you have visited all 15 controls within the time limit & any local conditions.
2. The 15th Control you visit cannot then be the 16th Control you visit. It could be your 17th Control etc.
3. You can only visit a Control twice & the second occasion must be having fulfilled point 1. above.
4. Bonus Points can be gained from visiting as many of the 15 Controls once again but you must i. punch the SI box hanging vertically from the T-Bar or, for padlocked sites the SI box identified by STAG Tape. ii.The SI unit must be punched within your given time zone.
5. The Bonus Points are of the same value as the original value e.g. Numbered 30s are worth 300pts ; 40s are worth 400pts ; 50s are worth 500pts.
6. The Bonus SI Unit at “Control 31” shall carry a sticker “Bonus 31”. Ignore the main SI Number on the Bonus Unit.


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Dark Parks After 4 events

details of the pre-event information


Adjacent to Clyde Tunnel on north side of River Clyde.


25, 30, 35 minutes depending on your “O” Experience.

Start times:

6.30pm > 6.59pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £4 ; Students £3 ; Juniors £2.



Posted on 14th Jan 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G14
OS Grid Ref. NS543674  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Victoria Park MapTerrain description

Permanent course has been repaired, map updated & available from 2017.

As part of The International Youth Year of 1985, STAG extended the Glasgow Primary Schools Festival to 4 venues, one of which was Victoria Park.

The venue was regularly used by St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary - where Terry taught PE until 2011 - & for STAG Night Events.

Permanent Course info

Consisting of 10 controls, the permanent course should be completed in about 30 minutes.

Park History:

Acquired from the Burgh of Partick in 1886 covering an area of 58 acres.
The Fossil Grove is located in the South West corner of the park and is open from 1 April to
30 September each year. The fossilised tree stumps are over 330 million years old.
Extensive rock garden and floral displays.
2 ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.
Bowls, putting, outdoor basketball & tennis facilities.
Play area & public toilets available.

Location details: Whiteinch - Glasgow G14

Bounded by Victoria Park Drive. South (A814),Balshagray Av. (A739), Victoria Park Drive. North & Westland Drive

Details of other mapped locations

Victoria Park Residents



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