STAG Dark Park 5 - Wed 3rd Jan’18 - Bellahouston Park - No.598.

Many Thanks to everyone for their support this evening but particularly to Gerry who, despite being told to stay at home was ever present to take charge of Registration & Results.

Well done to young Anna Talbot who did visit all the controls but this event had defined courses as shown at the top of the map. If it had been a SCORE TYPE (visit in any order) she would have scored maximum points. The computer system only shows when controls were visited in the correct sequence.

3 options - Short, Medium & Long - approximately 2k / Technically Easy ; 3.5k > 4k / Technically Medium ; 5k+ Technically as difficult as area allows.


Single page results


details of the pre-event information


Sports Centre Car Park


3 options - Short, Medium & Long - approximately 2k / Technically Easy ; 3.5k > 4k / Technically Medium ; 5k+ Technically as difficult as area allows.

Start times:

6:45pm > 7pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors #5; Students #4 ; Juniors #3.


Posted on 03rd Jan 18 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G51
OS Grid Ref. NS546639  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Bellahouston Park MapTerrain description

Permanent course now repaired & map updated. Re-launched in 2017.

The 1985 GPS event was followed 4 years later by the 1st Glasgow Parks Summer Series and more recently for thematic and night events.

16 controls make up the permanent course which will take about 60 minutes to walk round. Undergrowth should not be a big issue in the Summer months.

Park History

Bellahouston has been a Park since 1895.
Due to size - 174 acres - the Empire Exhibition of 1938 was staged in the Park.
Only the Palace of Art Building remains.
In March 1978, the IAAF World Cross Country Championships was held and in 1982.
The 1982 visit of Pope John Paul II was commemorated with a Mass in the park.
Bellahouston Sports Complex and the Glasgow Ski Centre are located in the Park.
The House for an Art Lover was opened in 1996 to celebrate the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.
Other facilities include pitch and putt, bowling, play areas, extensive walled gardens & a new maze.
The Womens’ Annual 10k Run in May finishes in the Park as does The Men’s Health Forum Father’s Day Run each June..

Location details:

Bellahouston - Glasgow G51
Bounded by Mosspark Boulevard, Dumbreck Rd, M8 Motorway, Paisley Rd. West & Bellahouston Drive.

Past Events held

STAG Night November 2009.
STAG Night October 2008.
STAG Adventure Race July 2007.
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Race 2 2004.
STAG Night October 2004.
STAG Evening June 2004.
STAG Night October 2003.
STAG / GGHB Evening September 2003.
STAG Night October 2002.
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STAG GPS June 1985.

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Bellahouston Park



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