STAG Dark Park 7 - Thurs 4th Feb 2016 - Alexandra Park - Event No.536

So Event 7 has now come & gone with the most notable happenings being after the event itself - on bringing in the Controls on 1 T-Bar the screws had came loose & the plate & SI box had fallen off - thankfully it was found .
Not only did one of our intrepid students manage to leave his phone in my car but also his wallet - all returned.

Thanks to Joe from Nottingham for popping along.

I have adjusted the finishing time by 25 seconds for everyone. I will need to further investigate what is going on with this SI issue.

Thanks again for your support & to Gerry, Jim, Peter & John for helping bring in the controls.

Results below make it an interesting finish in the remaining 3 events.

The Bonus Points system explained below is available at this event.

We are using the New Bonus Points System as explained below adapted for these 15 Control SCORE EVENTS.

If you have the skills & the physical fitness to visit all 15 controls within the time limit your night is not done as you are now eligible to go for Bonus Controls
1. You can only achieve Bonus Controls / Points after you have visited all 15 controls.
2. The 15th Control you visit cannot then be the 16th Control you visit. It could be your 17th Control etc.
3. You can only visit a Control twice & the second occasion must be having fulfilled point 1. above.
4. Bonus Points can be gained from visiting as many of the 15 Controls once again but you must i. punch the SI box hanging vertically from the T-Bar or, for padlocked sites the SI box identified by STAG Tape. ii.The SI unit must be punched within your given time zone.
5. The Bonus Points are of the same value as the original value e.g. Numbered 30s are worth 300pts ; 40s are worth 400pts ; 50s are worth 500pts.
6. The Bonus SI Unit at “Control 31” shall carry a sticker “Bonus 31”. Ignore the main SI Number on the Bonus Unit.


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Posted on 04th Feb 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G31  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Alexandra Park MapTerrain description

New permanent course installed & map updated. Launched in 2017.

The park was used for training in the formative years of STAG. Although small by day, by including the golf course it becomes a fine venue for night events.

With 10 controls the permanent course will take approximately 30 minutes to walk round.

Park History

Donated to the city by Alexander Dennistoun who gave his name to the outlying district.
Main entrance purchased in 1866 from adjoining landowner, William Stewart.
Officially opened in 1870 by The Prince and Princess of Wales.
The cast iron fountain, dating from 1901, was restored in 2000.
104 acres in area incorporating a 9 hole golf course and bowling greens.
Large play area.
2 ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.
Incorporating Haghill Park Primary & Sports Centre.

Location details:

Dennistoun - Glasgow G31
Bounded by Alexandra Parade, Cumbernauld Rd, Provan Rd, M8 Motorway & Sannox Gardens.

Past Events held

STAG Night October 2009.
STAG Night October 2008.
STAG Adventure Race Component July 2007.
STAG Glasgow Parks Champs Race 1 2004.
STAG Night October 2003.
STAG Night October 2002.
STAG Night October 2000.
STAG Night October 1999.
STAG Night October 1998.
STAG Evening September 1990.
STAG SMILE May 1990.

Details of other mapped locations

Alexandra Park



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