STAG Dark Park Race 3 - Thurs 16th Oct 2014 - Hogganfield & Lethamhill GC

Full results now available.

Thanks to John for planning & Gerry for registration/results and to yourselves for supporting the event.

Congratulations to Maja & Calum who ended their day out at the Glasgow Science Centre by helping their Mum & Dad successfully complete their first Night Orienteering Event.

With a busy Friday looming for myself, full results will be uploaded on Friday evening.

Remember to email me if you intend to attend Pollok CP next Thursday. Arnis, Robert, Alex & Alastair have already confirmed their entry.


Single page results


Ultra Long 5.5k 115m climb     
Arnis  CLYDE  20.18 + 8.11 = 28.29 
Josh  SCUOC  20.44 + 8.45 = 29.29 
Jack  SCUOC  22.08 + 9.21 = 31.29 
Alex  CLYDE  26.25 + 8.48 = 35.13 
Alastair  CLYDE  26.28 + 11.04 = 37.32 
Simon  CLYDE  27.56 + 11.23 = 39.19 
Long 4.1k 85m climb     
Robert  CLYDE  35.07 
Medium 2.9k 35m climb     
Lizzy  STAG  46.22 
Short 2.1k 30m climb     
Calum & Maja Robertson  ESOC  36.25 

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Start times:

Entry Fees:

Non Members - Seniors £5 ; Juniors £2.50.
Non STAG/SOA/BOF Members - Seniors £4 ; Juniors £2.00.
STAG/SOA/BOF Members - Seniors £3 ; Juniors £1.50.


Posted on 16th Oct 14 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G33  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Hogganfield Loch MapTerrain description

STAG’s only use of this area has been for Night Events but as the area has a magnetic appeal to Glaswegians, we are confident that the permanent course around the Loch will enhance the attractions of the Park.
Permanent course relaunched 2017.

Walking time 30 minutes.

Park History:

Acquired 1920 by Glasgow City Council.
123 acres in area.
Local Nature Reserve where Mallards, mute swans, little and great crested grebes all breed here.
Birdwatcher’s paradise during the winter including goosander, goldeneye and teal.
Pitch and putt course, open after Easter.
Play area.
Adjacent to Lethamhill Golf Course.

Location details:

Riddrie - Glasgow G33
Bounded by Gartloch Rd. (B765), Avenue End Rd. & Cumbernauld Rd. (A80).

Past STAG Events

STAG Night January 2009.
STAG Night November 2004.
STAG Night 2003.
STAG Night 2002.
STAG Night 1999.
STAG Night October 1998.

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