STAG - Thursday 10th May - Glasgow Spring Series 2012 1st of 8

STAG kicked off our joint series with CLYDE @ Drumpellier Country Park, Coatbridge using our 200th Full Colour Map. The Pre-coaching exercise was deferred due to the weather but thankfully by the time I went out the rain had stopped.

Thanks to John & Jim for their input.

Courses were planned by John McKendrick.
Long 6.5k / 70m climb ; Medium 4.8k / 35m climb & Short 2.6k / 20m climb with 18 / 10 / 7 controls respectively.

Spreadsheet showing split times and the “Battle of the ANDIES” now added !!!!

It may be worth CLYDE checking your Si kit as 6 STAG Units had not been reprogrammed correctly from JK.


Long 6.5k ; 70m climb     
Joseph  40.14  Visitor to Glasgow ! 
Patrick  40.59  CLYDE 
Alex  47.35  CLYDE 
Terry (N/C)  48.38  STAG 
Kenny  48.48  CLYDE 
Robin  50.10  CLYDE 
Alastair  52.27  CLYDE 
Andy Mac  56.07  CLYDE 
Andy Pat  56.59  CLYDE 
Jason  59.00  STAG 
Jon  60.28  CLYDE / NORWAY 
Gerry  67.30  STAG 
Medium 4.8k ; 35m climb     
Danielle & Orla  82.43   
Short 2.6k ; 20m climb     
Claire  42.36   
Brian & Rachel Reilly  49.11   

STAG Splits from Drumpellier CP 10th May 2012

details of the pre-event information


Follow the tourist signs from M73, M74 & M8.


3 Courses - Short, Medium & Long.

Start times:

Coaching support from 6.45pm > 7pm .Registration from 7pm with punching starts till 7.30pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors £3 ; Students £2 & Juniors £1



Posted on 10th May 12 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Monklands
Near: Coatbridge
OS Grid Ref. NS 600643  GoogleMap

Map of Coatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park MapTerrain description

Located to the North West of Coatbridge and to the east of the M73, this wee gem of an area has only improved over the years.

Originally used way back in the early 1980s, in fact the first STAG Map of the area was our 5th Colour Map.

Permanent Course on site & only 1 or 2 controls engulfed with Summer Vegetation.

Details of other mapped locations



You can view the events uploaded to RouteGadget here.