STAG Monthly Night 1 Thursday 24th November 2011

Pollok Country Park was the venue with the long option being approximately 5k in length.

From Start go to Control 60 then complete loops 31>32 >33 & 41>42>43>44 & 51-52-53-54-55 (the 50s can be completed in any order) you decide which loop to complete first, second & third - return to Control 60 after each loop. Finally return to Start/Finish. Total of 16 Controls including 4 visits to Control 60.

Shorter options were offered but not needed.

Well, from memory that was the 2nd wettest STAG Event I have had the pleasure to be involved in!

Thanks to the hardy souls who honoured their committment & turned up to the man and the nice comments about the planning were very much appreciated.

The anomolies in the splits wasn’t due to the weather or dampness but because not all the Si Units had been used at the BSOC Training Day and numbers 53, 54 & 55 were an hour out of synchronisation with the rest !!


Patrick Walder - CLYDE  37.50   
Robert Patterson - CLYDE  42.47   
Tobi Watson STAG  48.07   
John McKendrick STAG  49.37   
Alastair Dunlop - CLYDE  51.31   
Andrew MacPherson - CLYDE  51.40   
Bob Cherry - AYROC  52.51   
Jason Simpson - STAG  54.06   
Scott McKendrick - STAG  59.56   
Gerry Thompson - STAG  71.18   
Sheila Nichol - AYROC  74.22   
Andy Paterson - CLYDE  58.11  Forgot to go to "60" then Finish on 4th loop. 
Dave Nichol - AYR  56.11  30s & 40s - clothing too wet !! 
Alex Kemp - CLYDE  41.20  Forgot to go to "60" then Finish on 4th loop. 
Jon - CLYDE  65.32  Forgot to go to "60" then Finish on 4th loop. 

details of the pre-event information


Follow signs for Burrell Car Park from M8 & M77.


Start times:

7pm > 7.15pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors £3 ; Students £2 & Juniors £1.


Posted on 24th Nov 11 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G43
OS Grid Ref. NS555621  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Pollok Country Park MapTerrain description

Glasgow’s largest park has undergone a transformation & the Orienteering Permanent Course is a welcome addition to the facilities available to the public.

The City Council’s rhododendron project to contain the spread of this vegetation ended in 2009 but did not result in every rhododendron bush being shredded.

The 1st Full Colour map produced & printed by STAG in 1985 & the latest versions produced in February 2018
At a Scale 1:5000, 2.5m contours - A Sprint Orienteering Map ISSOM Map.
At a Scale 1:7500, 5m contours - ISOM 2017 Standard Map.

Permanent course info

Permanent course maps only available from The Park Manager’s Office, Knowehead,- wee building to the west of Burrell Entrance, Pollok Country Park

Permanent Course checked November 2016.

Park History

Gifted to the City of Glasgow in 1966 by the Maxwell Family.
361 acres in area - Glasgow’s largest Park.
Burrell Collection & Pollok House are Major Visitor attractions.
Strathclyde Police Dog Training Centre
Nether Pollok Playing Fields
Wildlife Pond
Highland Cattle, Heavy Horses & Walled Gardens
Adventure Play Area & Mountain Bike Circuits
Britain’s Best Park 2007 & Europe’s Best in 2008.
Pollok Family Day held each August

Location details: Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43.

Details of other mapped locations

Resident of the park



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