STAG Pre Commonwealth Games Urban Event - Sunday 11th May 2014

Thank-you so much for your support & appreciation of all the hard work required to host this event.

With my 60+ S2 Reports now complete, it is time to wrap up the reports for SOUL 4.
Yes Sunday the 11th May was a BIG DAY in Glasgow with the Women’s 10k @ Bellahouston Park ; A wee walk by members from the local Orange Order nearby & a Premier Football game at Celtic Park.

The Football Game wasn’t known until the split in the Scottish Premier League ; The local Police never mentioned the pre-arranged walk & I didn’t appreciate how an event at Bellahouston would influence traffic on the day.

Organiser’s Report
Outwith our own STAG Members - Gerry, Bernie, John, David, Lorna & Patricia ; thanks to Andy P & Paul C for helping @ The Start; Robin & Sheila Strain - Computing & Blair & Lorna Young.

Other agencies involved were - St.Andrew’s Ambulance Corps (St.George’s Branch) ; Glasgow City Council - Stephen Egan, Tommy McGarry, Raymond Sutton, Joseph Duffy, Kay & Kieran of the Winter Gardens; Strathclyde University; Glasgow Caledonian University; Police Scotland & Nathan @ Stirling Surveys.

With the SOUL guidelines requiring that Courses 6 & 7 do not encounter fast moving traffic, the Glasgow Green location was chosen. In early May, permission was refused to site controls within The Drygate - bit south of Glasgow Cathedral & a rethink was required.

Knowing that Sheila was able to support us & that Lorna A & Lorna Y would be available eased any worries I had on that side of the event.

The glorious weather was a bonus.

Mapper & Planner’s Report
The last time I produced an Orienteering map for a competition was back in 1985. With access to suitable base materials, the availability of OCAD & the projected professional cost being in excess of £2000 made up my mind I had to bite the bullet. Initial recces in late 2013 unearthed parts of my home town I was not acquainted with. What was a big surprise was the drawing time usually twice the survey time each time.

A whole lot of variations were tried including back to back maps @ 1:4000 but eventually, with Nathan’s guidance, I cut down the area & opted for 1:5000. Being an amateur mapper I fell into the trap of having decided on the area I then cut a partial map & took this into the field. The problem I then created for myself was that I then increased the area a wee bit but to do so I had to transfer all the drawing back onto my master and I know have missed a couple of things.

The planning itself proved interesting. Having lost The Drygate Area at the very last minute I had to rethink the shape of some courses. It remains a weird experience when one knows an area like the back of your hand and it seems so straightforward but it never is.

Thank-you for your support & kind comments,


Controller’s Report
A sunny day in Glasgow. An opportunity to explore areas of our largest City that I didn’t know existed and I am nearly a local! I hope that you enjoyed your run around a City that offers a wide range of challenges on courses planned by a true Glaswegian. Even Terry had to admit that he discovered new parts of his home City when he was not only planning but also surveying and drawing the map!

I am sure you will agree that despite the challenges posed by this multi tasking, Terry came up trumps once again.

Apologies for the slight delay in starting but the challenges of Urban events can sometimes throw up things you don’t find in the forest.

Well done also to the small band of STAG members and friends who staged another successful event.

Blair Young



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STAG SOUL4 - Race Information - 07052014

details of the pre-event information



Urban Courses as per the SOUL guidelines & Junior courses on Glasgow Green.

Start times:

10.30am > 12 Noon.

Entry Fees:




Posted on 11th May 14 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G1
OS Grid Ref. NS600643  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Glasgow Green MapTerrain description

STAG’s use of this park has been limited to summer evening events.
The flat nature of the Park provides an ideal venue for novices with a limited physical challenge.

The course utilises the historic nature of the area with no additional markers being installed.

Map packs on sale via BOF website.

Also available from:
STAG Direct, c/o 257 Warriston St., Carntyne, Glasgow G33 2LF.
Send cheque / postal order for £1.50 per map to the above address.

Park History:

Glasgow’s oldest park was acquired in 1662.
Formerly used for washing and bleaching of linen, grazing cattle and drying salmon nets.
Adjacent to the River Clyde & High Court.
The People’s Palace traces Glasgow’s history and development.
First British Monument to Lord Nelson was erected in 1866 by public subscriptions.
Winter Gardens adjacent to People’s Palace.
The Heritage Lottery Fund has financed a major upgrade of the whole area.
The Doulton Fountain has been restored & moved to the front of the Peoples Palace.

Location details:

Bridgeton - Glasgow G40

Details of other mapped locations



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