STAG Score 3 - Sun 15th April - Strathclyde Country Park - No.606.

Many thanks to everyone who came along to-day but particularly to those who were making their first appearance at a STAG Score+ Event - Geoffrey & Rose from INTERLOPERS; Fiona from SOLWAY & Stuart from RAFO.

The errors on the day are explained below. THANK-YOUs to my fellow STAG Members - Gerry, John, John, Arnis, Marta, Helen & Blair for helping host the event. Next SCORE+ is Sunday 13th May at Cathkin Braes CP planned by Arnis. Please check SI Entries for Entry Fees / Closing Dates.

By my time in this sport I should know better & from now on I promise to follow what I preach i.e. tape the sites before the event & don’t just think because they have been used before there is no problem. To-day showed that when one is up against time the brain tells you lies. Having not ran seriously since JK & with a left calf taped up this was more than the shift I expected it to be but the new SI Fibreglass Stakes make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Control 64 - This was on my 2nd last loop just after 10am & as I approached from 55 having been there before there was no need to consult the map (Ooops!!) I convinced myself that having found the site if I were correct I wouldn’t cross a 2nd ditch & I didn’t but somewhere deep down inside one knew it wasn’t right & that was correct. Positives do come from such errors we now can have a 2nd wee ditch & an earthwall & I’m told a path within this block of woodland.

Control 33 - Time was pressing & this was my last loop of controls. So having sited 34 I knew 33 was near but without consulting the map I nipped up the wee path & found the open ride & what I thought was the copse - Oops wrong again & who said parallel errors were impossible in Strathclyde Country Park. My thanks to Ian & Arnis for resiting this control.

I have tried to amend scores by adding in either 64 or 33 where it looks as if you were hunting around here. Please email me if I have not credited you or if I have & you shouldn’t be getting it.

Our plans are that from May 2018, all STAG Events shall use contactless punching :) Many thanks for your support, Terry.


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Jct 5 M74


1hr Score+

Start times:

11am > 11:45am. Requests for later starts always considered.

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Posted on 15th Apr 18 by Terry O'Brien

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Area: Motherwell
Near: Motherwell
OS Grid Ref. NS726579  GoogleMap



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