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STAG Score 4 - Sun 13th May - Cathkin Braes CP - No.609.

What a cracking day to be out in the great outdoors Orienteering.

Results now available below.

Eavesdropping on conversations the hot topic of the day seemed to be Control 74 - had someone stolen it ? No. Was it in the wrong place? No.
If you care to look at the Control Description for 74, the symbol in the 5th box means “Overgrown” which in this case means that something, in this case a few branches (an attempt to build a shelter) were slightly but in no way completely covering the crag.

I collected the Control in & approached from the south, round the hill then off at the slight wiggle in the path. I then clocked the very large re-entrant with the crag to my right & going slightly left could see the Unit 74. I paced the distance from the crag to the big re-entrant crag & this is 20-25m which agrees with the map.

Thanks to Arnis for planning & The Start, to Gerry for Registration, to John, Colin, Jo, Fredrik, Helen & Marta for bringing in controls.

We hope you will consider supporting the 5th & final event at Palacerigg CP on 24th June 2018.


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Cathkin Braes_210418_MBikers below

Posted on 13th May 18 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G45  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Cathkin Braes Country Park MapTerrain description

When combined with the adjacent “Big Wood”, this area provides the most challenging orienteering available within the City.
New permanent course relaunched in 2017.

Further resurveys required due to extension of Mountain Bike Facilities.

The area was first mapped in the 1970s by Mr.J.W.Baillie, Geography Teacher from Cathkin High School.
Since then it has been remapped on 3 occasions.

12 controls make up the new permanent course. With tussocky terrain, stout footwear is advised. Walking time for the course is approximately 60 minutes.
Venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Mountain Biking Event. 

New Permanent Course installed Aug 2016. Maps on sale from 1st Nov 2016 from Bellahouston, Emirates, Kelvin Hall & Tollcross Sports Centres.

Park History:

Presented to the City in 1886 by Mr.James Dick and in accordance with his wishes, the Park has been left in its natural beauty. Every part is open to the public to roam about at will.
Course spans the west end of the Braes including Big Wood.
Highest point is Queen Mary’s Seat, about 600ft. above sea level.
Watch for diving skylarks on the grassland to the west.
Extensive views across the City of Glasgow and beyond.

Location details:

Castlemilk - Glasgow G45
Bounded by Cathkin Rd. (B759), Burnside Rd., Ardencraig Rd. & Carmunnock Rd. (B766).

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