STAG CompassPoint SOL 2 - Bonskeid Estate - Sunday 22nd March 2015

A Happy Ending - thanks to Sportident UK & Robin Strain for everything.

Reports & Provisional Accounts to follow

full results

Controller’s Report
I hope most of you enjoyed your visit to Bonskied as much as I did. I had the benefit of several visits to the area and although the weather was not bad on the day of the event, it was wonderful on the Saturday with warm sun. One of the most enjoyable parts of controlling is checking the sites the day before, when you are usually on your own and suddenly controls appear instead of small bits of tape, especially when the weather is good and the terrain looks at its best.

The challenge at Bonskied is that it is really quite small and in addition has quite a lot of line features, which was one of the reasons for deciding to remove the pylon lines from the map. The presence of line features certainly helped in planning the junior courses, but Graham certainly had a challenge for the longer courses with the maximum length at 8.4k, without going over the same area for a third time. However I hope you will agree that Graham rose to the challenge and produced interesting and challenging courses. We had a bit of debate on the lengths of some of the other courses, but I think most were fine, although the short green was perhaps a little long.

The word I heard most often from competitors at the finish was windblow. I am not surprised by that. Unfortunately you can not really map windblow accurately especially as it is so patchy and variable in intensity, but it can certainly be frustrating for competitors. Unluckily, with the recent weather there was further windblow on at least two occasions including the tree which fell in front of 131 after the controls had been taped.

The other issue related to the computer problem which meant that final results were delayed. Luckily, Robin with some help from his friends in SI UK have been able to resolve the problem and results are now available. I am sure there will be lessons to be learnt and I am sure the full story of what was the problem and how it was resolved will be of interest to all those who use SI for their results.  I think the problem has highlighted how we all take it for granted that we will have results, splits etc within hours of finishing an event. I am surprised that we have not experienced similar problems in the past, but I suspect that simply reflects the huge contribution Robin, and all the teams of people he has trained over the years, have made to the sport.

Last, but not least, many thanks to Terry for yet another TOB production. Along with his small band of dedicated helpers from STAG, on this occasion with some help from ESOC, the organisation seemed to go smoothly despite the complexity of the distant start and finish. Now he has the Scottish Champs and the Scottish 6 Days on his agenda!

Alastair Lessells(ESOC)

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Organiser - Terry O’Brien, STAG.

Planner - Graham McFadyen, STAG.

Controller - Alastair Lessells, ESOC.



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details of the pre-event information


A9 > B8019 > Faskally Caravan Park


In accordance with SOL Rules & Guidelines.

Start times:

From 10.30am

Entry Fees:

As shown on “O” Entries


Posted on 22nd Mar 15 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Highland Perthshire
Near: Pitlochry
OS Grid Ref. NN916603 - Faskally Caravan Park  GoogleMap



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