STAG SoSOL 3 - Greenhead Moss, Wishaw- Sunday 12th January 2014

Update @ 9.30pm
Thank-you for your support to-day. I think I have sorted out all the gremlins & thanks to Robin Strain who will be setting up Routegadget, Winsplits etc on our behalf.

With a Club Membership of 12 at the last count, the day started off with 50% of STAG & Ross McLennan the Controller but we lost 3 of the STAG married men at approximately 11.30am when their other halves summoned them.

Regardless, with the support of Patricia McLaughlin & Gerry Thomson the event continued smoothly. I have nothing but praise also for Ross and he quite rightly stood up against my original White Course which was more of a Pale Yellow. His help over and above what is needed was much appreciated as was the additional bonus of Charlie & Trish Woodward (AYROC) being able to give a hand bringing the controls in.Back in Glasgow by 3.30pm.

Whereas I buckled for the weans, I did not agree when Ross suggested that the long 1st Leg was unfair because it was the 1st Leg. I would be interested in views & also in seeing what routes were taken.

I shall post Ross’ comments once received.

Organiser/Planner – Terry O’Brien, STAG. Controller – Ross McLennan, FVO.



PS The names of the married men are being withheld for their own protection :)


Single page results


Start Times for Brown, Blue & Green Courses v2

details of the pre-event information


Quick & easy access from both M74 & M8.


A full range of Courses are on offer
String on Pushchair friendly parkland adjacent to parking.Approx 1k ; 15m climb. Sportident - 5 controls. Uplift Map & Si finger from Registration & Clear. DIY with Start & Finish at same point within 100m west of Creamery Rd.

Finalised Course Lengths & climb
White – 1.35k ; 5m climb.
Yellow – 1.99k ; 15m climb.
Orange – 2.78k ; 35m climb.
Light Green – 3.11k ; 50m climb.
Short Green – 3.12k ; 35m climb.
Green – 4.35k ; 70m climb.
Blue – 7.53k ; 115m climb - Maps printed back to back.
Brown – 9.16k ; 140m climb - Maps printed back to back.

Parking signed from Creamery Rd onto adjacent parkland.

Closing Date: 05 Jan 2014
Punch type: Sportident
Area name: Greenhead Moss
Location: Wishaw
Contact: Contact the entries team

Start times:

10.30am > 12.30pm.

Entry Fees:

EOD - Family Max £23 : Senior £9 : Juniors/Students/Unemployed £4: Adults on White, Yellow, Orange or Light Green.


Posted on 12th Jan 14 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Motherwell
Near: Motherwell
OS Grid Ref. NS805544 (Creamery Road)  GoogleMap

Terrain description

Situated to the south-west of Newmains & north-west of the village of Waterloo, Greenhead Moss is a cracking wee area with a terrific mix of terrain & old mineworkings.

For those of you who have never been to the “Serengeti” this is your chance !!

The mapped area covers over 270 acres of land incorporating a wide variety of terrain, an extensive path network and as the term “Moss” implies not a great deal of climbing. Runnability at this time of year is at its best.

Throughout the area there are several monuments and the Stratographic Stairway & Ramp is worth closer examination after your run.

Details of other mapped locations



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