SoSOL 3 Retro Results

STAG SoSOL Sunday 19th March 2017 Cathkin Braes CP No.565

Thank-you to everyone who supported this event. Picture shows our Retro On The Day Results Service.

Links for Routegadget, Winsplits now added & thanks again to Robin Strain for his support.

There is a fuller set of results here.

Sadly no joy with Charlie’s splits :(

Organiser’s Report - Terry O’Brien

My thanks to all the wonderful STAG members & friends who assisted in the running of this magical event - Gerry, Kenny, Lorna, Peter, Arnis, David, Jim O’D, John R,Jim Mc, Steve & Ian - without people it just doesn’t work well.

STAG’s use of Cathkin Braes for a SoSOL in the 21st Century was first discussed after The Commonwealth Games where the legacy - a new car park - was all STAG got from the Games. We had to refinance a New Map ourselves due to the Mountain Bike Explosion which was evident to-day so a reasonable but still disappointing turn out has made a good contribution to recouping our outlay. March seemed like the ideal time as after a cold winter the undergrowth would be much tamer - we are still awaiting the 2016/17 Winter Chill!

Without doubt this is Glasgow’s most technical & challenging park but this does present difficulties for the “easier courses” which Gerry coped with admirably & the :) & :( faces were a bonus just pity there were only 5 children combined on White & Yellow.

From the Organiser’s side of the fence, I do need to point out to those new to the sport, that one just cannot register for a course & then when you get to the Start Line change to another. We were fortunate not to run out of Brown Maps on the day. Competitors can ask @ Registration if a change is possible but this depends on the number of maps printed.

Finally can I take this opportunity to pay tribute to Alastair Brunton the brains behind the “O” Entries on line entry system which is sadly being shut down ironically STAG’s event at Faskally Woods, Pitlochry looks to be the final event before the wires are pulled out.

This was a revolutionary invention back in the early 2000s & even I didn’t appreciate until having to use another company how wonderfully simple Alastair made this to use whether one was entering an Event or in my case taking entries & thereafter processing the data. For this event we used SI Entries but it does seem so much more complicated than perhaps it needs to be but then perhaps its just my IT skills which need attention.

So from all of us a very BIG THANK-YOU !!!

I did sense that although Cathkin Braes is so tough, technical & slippery that the majority enjoyed the buzz - thanks again for your support & hope you shall support future STAG events.

Planner’s Report - Gerry Thomson
Well first I must thank the weather Gods as the forecast was for much worse.

Looking at the results, most courses achieved close to expected winning times except the Orange course on hind sight I think number 38 was more of a Light Green control site so apologies for that but all credit to those for completing their course and were still smiling at the end.

I would like to thank Kenny for controlling and all the others on the day that helped.

I would also like to thank Janet for not beating me up at the end of her run.


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From 10:30am > 12:30pm.

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SoSOL 3 Retro Results

Posted on 19th Mar 17 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G45
OS Grid Ref. NS609579  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Cathkin Braes Country Park MapTerrain description

When combined with the adjacent “Big Wood”, this area provides the most challenging orienteering available within the City.
New permanent course relaunched in 2017.

Further resurveys required due to extension of Mountain Bike Facilities.

The area was first mapped in the 1970s by Mr.J.W.Baillie, Geography Teacher from Cathkin High School.
Since then it has been remapped on 3 occasions.

12 controls make up the new permanent course. With tussocky terrain, stout footwear is advised. Walking time for the course is approximately 60 minutes.
Venue for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Mountain Biking Event. 

New Permanent Course installed Aug 2016. Maps on sale from 1st Nov 2016 from Bellahouston, Emirates, Kelvin Hall & Tollcross Sports Centres.

Park History:

Presented to the City in 1886 by Mr.James Dick and in accordance with his wishes, the Park has been left in its natural beauty. Every part is open to the public to roam about at will.
Course spans the west end of the Braes including Big Wood.
Highest point is Queen Mary’s Seat, about 600ft. above sea level.
Watch for diving skylarks on the grassland to the west.
Extensive views across the City of Glasgow and beyond.

Location details:

Castlemilk - Glasgow G45
Bounded by Cathkin Rd. (B759), Burnside Rd., Ardencraig Rd. & Carmunnock Rd. (B766).

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