STAG SOUL 20th August 2017 Cumbernauld-No.584

Provisional results are here

Thanks to Team STAG & Friends
Parking - Simon B, Gerry & Peter.

HQ - Robin, Sheila, Lorna, Emma & Lynn. Also John & Fiona of Cumbernauld Theatre for all their help.

Start -  John, Thomas, Lizzy, Arnis, Simon G & Lynsey.

Control Collectors - Simon B, Peter, Frances, Arnis & Lynsey.

And finally to Blair for his usual efficient controlling.

Without their support the event just would not have happened.



Map Problem
As of to-day Monday 28th we are still no nearer solving the problem of the missing maps.

If you handed in your map for recycling we thank-you & ask that you send me an email so I can order you a replacement map.

The Map itself
Urban mapping is an expensive business & having been stung the last time I decided that I had to resurvey & redraw the bits that had changed as well as create the actual maps for the event.
With Condes 9 not supporting the OCAD 12 programme each time I updated the map I had to create an OCAD 11 version & that is possibly where the error around Control 103 occurred.

I also feel that I should have set differential entry fees for those using back to back maps & single sided - will sort this next time.

Near Control 103 I did cut the bushes but either this change wasn’t saved when I saved in OCAD 11 or perhaps I eventually copied & pasted from an old Master.

Provisional Event Accounts

From SI Entries     760.00
Money on Day       134.00

Hire of Theatre     100.00
Race Numbers       45.00
BOF Levy           118.50
Map Royalty         150.00
Map Printing         200.00

Resulting in a surplus of Income over Expenditure of 280.50


details of the pre-event information


Follow signs from A8011 for Cumbernauld Theatre


As per SOUL guidelines
Course 1 - Open Men (OM) & Open (O1). 8.4k 125m climb
Course 2 - Open Women (OW) - 6.8k 85m. Course 2 - Mens Veteran (MV) & Open (O2) - 6.8k 85m.
Course 3 - Men Super Veteran (MSV) ,Women Veteran (WV) & Open 3 (O3) - 5.5k 75m.
Course 4 - Men Ultra Veteran (MUV) , Women Super Veteran (WSV) & Open 4 (O4) - 4.5k 65m.
Course 5 - Women Ultra Veteran (WUV), Women Hyper Veteran (WHV) , Men Hyper Veteran (MHV) & Open 5 (O5) - 3.3k 40m.
Course 6 - Male Junior (MJ), Female Junior (FJ) & Open 6 (O6) - 3.1k 80m.
Course 7 - Male Young Junior (MYJ), Female Young Junior (FYJ) & Open 7 (O7)- 1.8k 40m.

Start times:

10:30am > 12 Noon

Entry Fees:

Seniors £10 ; Juniors £5


Organiser & Planner - Terry O’Brien STAG. Controller - Blair Young , TINTO.

Posted on 20th Aug 17 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G67
OS Grid Ref. NS770557  GoogleMap



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