STAG Spring 3 - Event 608 - Greenhead Moss - 2nd May 2018



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Posted on 02nd May 18 by Terry O'Brien

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Area: Motherwell

Terrain description

Situated to the south-west of Newmains & north-west of the village of Waterloo, Greenhead Moss is a cracking wee area with a terrific mix of terrain & old mineworkings.

For those of you who have never been to the “Serengeti” this is your chance !!

The mapped area covers over 270 acres of land incorporating a wide variety of terrain, an extensive path network and as the term “Moss” implies not a great deal of climbing. Runnability at this time of year is at its best.

Throughout the area there are several monuments and the Stratographic Stairway & Ramp is worth closer examination after your run.

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