STAG Winter Score 1 - Sunday 3rd January 2016 - Pollok CP - Event No.528

+ Results have been updated as the bold Simon G actually visited 33 & not a maximum of 31 controls - Simon’s score is reduced by 800pts accordingly +

Thank-you so much for your support to-day.
Our thanks to Peter, Neil & Alastair who assisted Gerry & I to bring in the controls.

I have credited “55” to everyone who informed me of their nomadic experience. My apologies & it just goes to show that familiarity certainly breeds contempt & one should always carry a Master Map.

For this event, as it is the first time we have used the Bonus System I have amended & credited (took over 2 hours to edit) those highly tuned athletes who were obviously in serious oxygen debt & could not punch the correct box.
In future if you punch the wrong box you will NOT be credited with any Bonus from that control.

One person thought incorrectly that she had visited all 25, but it was only 24 so Bonus Points have been negated.

Someone else mistakenly punched “34” then 3 seconds after punched “38” the Bonus at that Control to make 25 controls then a Bonus so both “38” & “The Bonus” don’t count.

We hope to see you at either a STAG Dark Park Event or forthcoming Scores.

Kind Regards

Terry - link to results below

We will be using a New Bonus Points System as explained below.

If you have the skills & the physical fitness to visit all 25 controls within the time limit your day is not done as you are now eligible to go for up to 6 “Bonus Controls” :).
1. You can only achieve Bonus Controls / Points after you have visited all 25 controls.
2. The 25th Control you visit cannot then be the 26th Control you visit. It could be your 27th Control etc.
3. You can only visit a Control twice & the second occasion must be having fulfilled point 1. above.
4. Bonus Points can ONLY be gained by revisiting Controls numbered 31 > 35 ; 41 > 45 ; 51 > 55 ; 61 > 65 - 20 controls are available.
5. The Bonus Points are of the same value as the original value e.g. Numbered 30s are worth 300pts ; 40s are worth 400pts ; 50s are worth 500pts & 60s worth 600pts.
6. The SI Unit to be punched to achieve the Bonus Points shall be hanging from the T-Bar at each Control & is not the one secured to the SI Baseplate. Where cables & padlocks have been used, the “Bonus Box” shall be distinguished with “STAG Tape” being tied to that cable. Sportident does not allow us to name Controls as “36A”. It looks like the Bonus Control Unit shall appear on your print out as a 3 figure digit i.e. The Bonus SI Unit at “Control 36” shall carry a sticker “Bonus 36”. The actual number on the Bonus Box should be ignored.
7. Controls 71 > 75 do not qualify for any Bonus Points.
8. You are also limited to a maximum of 6 “BONUS” Controls as SI Card 8s shall be used & can only retain 31 controls & time, Start & finish time = 33 entries.(This is 31 & not 30 as we have no CHECK BOX in use.)


Single page results


details of the pre-event information


Follow signs for Burrell Collection from M8/M77


1 hr score but for 2016 more points & more choice
5 @ 300pts(The 30s) ; 5 @ 400pts (The 40s) ; 5 @ 500pts (The 50s) ; 5 @ 600pts (The 60s) ; 5 @ 700pts (The 70s).

Map Scale 1:7500 Updated December 2015 by Terry

Start times:

Open Start from 11am > 11:45pm

Entry Fees:

Seniors £7 ; Students £5 ; Juniors £3 - please enter via O Entries


Organiser - Terry

Planner - Gerry

Posted on 03rd Jan 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G41
OS Grid Ref. NS 555621  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Pollok Country Park MapTerrain description

Glasgow’s largest park has undergone a transformation & the Orienteering Permanent Course is a welcome addition to the facilities available to the public.

The City Council’s rhododendron project to contain the spread of this vegetation ended in 2009 but did not result in every rhododendron bush being shredded.

The 1st Full Colour map produced & printed by STAG in 1985 & the latest versions produced in February 2018
At a Scale 1:5000, 2.5m contours - A Sprint Orienteering Map ISSOM Map.
At a Scale 1:7500, 5m contours - ISOM 2017 Standard Map.

Permanent course info

Permanent course maps only available from The Park Manager’s Office, Knowehead,- wee building to the west of Burrell Entrance, Pollok Country Park

Permanent Course checked November 2016.

Park History

Gifted to the City of Glasgow in 1966 by the Maxwell Family.
361 acres in area - Glasgow’s largest Park.
Burrell Collection & Pollok House are Major Visitor attractions.
Strathclyde Police Dog Training Centre
Nether Pollok Playing Fields
Wildlife Pond
Highland Cattle, Heavy Horses & Walled Gardens
Adventure Play Area & Mountain Bike Circuits
Britain’s Best Park 2007 & Europe’s Best in 2008.
Pollok Family Day held each August

Location details: Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G43.

Details of other mapped locations

Resident of the park



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