STAG/CLYDE Evening 5 - Linn Park- 28th April 2016 - Event No.541

Thanks for your support & apologies for the wee delay with the starts. With Jim finishing work at 4:30pm it was always going to be a tight one.
My apologies for the bits of the map (southern part) which had obviously not been surveyed when the original map was produced in 2002. Jim & I discovered the wee path & noticed a boulder on the southern side as we walked along the northern side of the ditch earlier this month. We didn’t notice the other boulders where the actual control was put.

Our Sincere thanks to Gerry & Lorna for Registration & Download ; to Blair, John, Gerry & Simon for helping bring in the SI boxes in an unusual way :) & Jim for planning the courses.


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Planner - Jim O’Donoghue.

Start times:

From 6.30pm > 7pm.

Entry Fees:

Seniors £5 ; Students £4 ; Juniors £3.


Posted on 28th Apr 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G44
OS Grid Ref. NS588596  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Linn Park MapTerrain description

NEW Permanent course & updated maps available 2017.

Parkland split by the White Cart Water adjacent to Linn Park Golf Course.
Glasgow’s 2nd largest park was mapped in the mid 1980s and features regularly in STAG’s programme of events.

Park History:

Originally part of Hagtonhill which belonged to the Maxwells of Pollok and sold in 1820.
Acquired by the City in 1919.
Cathcart Castle dates back to the times of Sir William Wallace and King Robert the Bruce.
Quiet woodland habitat for a variety of wildlife including Britain’s smallest bat, the pipistrelle, which hibernate in the Old Mansion House.
Over 200 species of fungi have been found within the park.
Play areas and Junior Nature Reserve.
Equestrian Centre and adjoining golf course.
Countryside Ranger Service based in park.

Location details: Simshill - Glasgow G44

Bounded by Lainshaw Drive, Drakemire Drive, Simshill Road., Old Castle Road, Courthill Avenue, Greenock Avenue, Netherlee Road, Brunton Street & Clarkston Road.

Past Events held

STAG Night October 2009 - west side assembly.
STAG Night October 2004
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Race 2 December 2003
STAG Night November 2003
STAG Night October 2002
STAG Night October 1999
STAG Post WOC Event August 1999
STAG Coach & Run Event February 1999
STAG Training Event April 1998
STAG Evening Event 1997
STAG Introductory Event1996
STAG Evening Event 1994
STAG Evening Event 1993
STAG CATI June 1992
STAG SMILE December 1990

Details of other mapped locations

Bridge over the White Cart Water



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