STAG/CLYDE Evening Event 9 - Northside Woods,Cumbernauld - 26th May 2016 - Event No.544

Gerry has supplied me with his print out - the printer worked for him but nothing has been retained in the download box ??? Weird. - Time on Medium was 27.29.

Autodownload doesn’t allow me to input directly so here are Gerry’s splits but the formatting is a bit wonky
1.  2:19 (2nd)    2:19 (2nd)
2.  2:16 (1st)    4:35 (2nd)
3. 1:17 (2nd)    5:52 (2nd)
4. 3:53 (3rd)    9:45 (3rd)
5. 0:53 (3rd)  10:38 (3rd)
6. 1:48 (1st)    12:26 (3rd)
7. 2:51 (1st)    15:17 (2nd)
8. 2:43 (2nd)  18:00 (2nd)
9. 2:24 (1st)    20:24 (1st)
10. 1:01 (1st)  21:25 (1st)
11. 1:55 (3rd)  23:20 (1st)
12. 2:52 (2nd)  26:12 (1st)
F   1:17 (4th)  27:29 (1st)

And then we have poor Big Arnis who moves so swiftly that he has only registered a punch for the Start , a Control 56 - his 2nd control but with a time of 23.51 this must have been from another Event - & the Finish & needs to be Dsqd. He also forgot to clear so there were umpteen other things in his download except the correct controls - makes things very interesting at the top I’m guessing.

New Area , STAG’s 300th Map & yet things do not get any easier. The shape of the area was a difficulty but my apologies for the original Controls 15 & 16 on the Long Course. These were the only 2 sites I did not recce before hand & yet, in my head I knew the boulder which you all ran post with the flag hanging from the sign re. “No Motor Bikes” wasn’t correct because it had to be a BIGGY to be on the map. I have therefore removed the original legs 14 > 15 > 16.

My thanks to Gerry, Jim, Patrick & Ian for their assistance.


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Posted on 26th May 16 by Terry O'Brien

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Area: Cumbernauld & Kilsyth
Near: Cumbernauld  GoogleMap



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