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STAGlasgow’s 14th Glasgow Parks Championships

3 parks in 1 day

The BIG DAY has come & gone and many a happy competitor enjoyed their day in a bright, sometimes sunny but icy Glasgow.

Shorts are NOT advised!!

Competitors began in the NW of the City @ Dawsholm Park then navigated to Pollok Country Park by a variety of routes and then a short hop east to Linn Park.

STAG is indebted to the additional assistance given by Amelia, Robin, Paul, Lynne, Lorna, Emma, Eilidh, Ross, Marcella & Gary.

My personal thanks to Jackie, Gerry & Bernie who were at the hub of to-day’s successful event.

Kind Regards



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GPC 2012 Race 1 Final Information

GPC2012_Start Times Races 1and 2

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Start times:

Race 1 from 10.01am

Entry Fees:



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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G1  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Dawsholm Park MapTerrain description

Dawsholm Park could well be described as ‘the nature lover’s park’ as there is much of interest to the nature enthusiast here. Large areas of the park have been left in a natural state.

STAG first used this park in 1999 for a Night Event and it proved to be a resounding success.

The NEW permanent orienteering course consists of 10 wooden control posts & available early 2017.

A tricky venue despite its relatively small size.

Rhododendron clearance completed.

Park History:

72 acres in area.
Significant wildlife including grey squirrels.
Area left in natural state.
Woodland predominately oak and beech.
Kelvin Walkway accessible from NE corner of park.
Play area.

Location details:

Temple - Glasgow G13
Bounded by Temple Rd., Dalsholm Rd., River Kelvin and Bearsden Rd. (A81).

Past Events held

STAG Night November 2009
STAG Event for Cambria FC December 2008.
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Race 1 2008.
STAG Night November 2008.
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Race 1 2005.
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Race 3 2004 (combined with Garscube Estate).
STAG Night November 2003 (combined with Garscube Estate).
STAG Glasgow Parks Championships Races 2 & 3 2000.
STAG Night 2000.
STAG Night 1999.
STAG Evening June 1999.

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