STAG’s SOL 2 - Faskally Woods

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String Courses & Provisional Event accounts are available below.

Lost Property : Rab Black Fleece UK 12 - Mizuno Blue Medium Running Top.

This was the first use of the NEW Lidar produced map.

Organiser’s Report
Once the decision had been made to use Faskally - I had really never considered this as a SOL option - the organisational logistics had to be evaluated.

Due to School Holidays the Faskally Caravan Site was not a parking option & the possibility of 100+ cars within Faskally a non-starter. A walk through Pitlochry revealed the 3 main car parks with capacity of around 70 cars in each. This ticked a box :).

To assist Families I then went to talk to Campbell Dixon, owner of Faskally Boathouse & he granted permission to park at the far end of his private Car Park. There was some issue on the day but this was amicably resolved at the end of the day.

The final part of the organisational jig-saw needed an HQ from where to operate. 2 options seemed possible either Scout Hall or Guide Hall and thank-fully the former proved to be available.

With the bones of the structure in place, our most important resource - people - had to be identified.
With a Club Membership of less than 20 STAG always require assistance to host SOLs etc. Friends & former STAG members always turn up to assist.
At Errochty in 2012 we made an arrangement with SEDS that in return for a donation to their funds some of their squad helped clear the forest of controls.

For SOL 2 we spoke to ScotJOS and in return for a donation to their funds, Parents, Managers & Squad Members ran our Start, String Course & helped clear the area of controls.

Special thanks to
Our Controller - Dave Prentice (TAY).
Our own STAG Members - David, Gerry, Graham, John & Lorna.
Former STAG Members & Friends - Liz, Lynne, Paul, Pauline, Robin, Scott & Sheila.

Sue Brown, Tay Forestry Commission.
Campbell Dixon, Faskally Boathouse.
Bob Burrell, Pitlochry Scout Troop.
Police Scotland, Pitlochry Station.

Maps for competitors who entered but were unable to attend shall be available to uplift from Terry at either SOL3 or TAY’s SoSOL or Scottish Champs . After this date maps remaining shall be donated to Pitlochry High School. Please send Terry an email if you wish your map.

Planner’s Report
Faskally may not be the biggest forest in Scotland but it is quality terrain. I had not planned in Faskally since 1993 so this was a pleasant surprise to see the area with most of the rhododendrons now removed and many new features appearing.

It was good to work with the new Lidar map although some detail from the previous maps for some reason wasn’t shown but still existed.

With SEDS opting to run Blue & Short Blue Courses this removed the need for a Black Course.
Course lengths were based on the 2 previous Compass Sport Cup Scottish Finals held in Faskally by STAG.

Reviewing ROUTEGADGET has given me some valuable feedback & I thank those who have added in their routes.

My thanks to Dave P for his input & STAG members who assisted siting controls.

Kind Regards & Many Thanks for your support,



SOL 2 - Faskally - 6th April 2014 - Final Details

SOL2 - Faskally String Course Results

SOL2 - Faskally - Event Accounts

details of the pre-event information


Signed by STAG Tape from the centre of Pitlochry on southern pavement of Atholl Rd & down Clunie Bridge Road, round passing the Coronation Footbridge to clothing dump & the Start.


As per 2014 SOL rules & guidelines.

Start times:

10.30am > 12.30pm

Entry Fees:

As advised on “O” Entries.
Very limited Entry On Day



Posted on 06th Apr 14 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Highland Perthshire
Near: Pitlochry
OS Grid Ref. NN922591 - not parking  GoogleMap

Terrain description

Must still be one of STAG’s best investments & a favourite for most orienteers.

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