STAG’s SOUL 4 - Strathaven - Sunday 12th August 2012

STAG wish to thank everyone who helped make to-day’s event so successful
+ Lynne Walker, Controller & Paul Frost for helping me to sort out Si Config & Autodownload issues.
+ Bernie, Pat, Lorna, Lynne, Blair & Charlie for THE START
+Pauline, Myra, Pat, Kirsty, Robin & Gary for all the inside stuff & prizegiving
+Andy Paterson, SOA Marketing Director
+ Dick, Trish & Blair for helping me bring in the controls.
+South Lanarkshire Council, Strathclyde Police & Cheryl, license of Cafe.

Full results etc should be available this evening. Once again many, many thanks for your kind support,

Best Wishes


Provisional Accounts are shown below

Total Income - £596.51

Total Expenditure - Map printing/Condes conversion/CD printing - £134.46
                  - Map Royalty @ £1.50 per map             - £249.00
                  - BOF Levy                                   - £ 15.40
                  - Fuel Expenses                             - £ 30.00
                  - “O” Entries fee                               -£ 26.50

Resulting in a surplus of £142.05.


Strathaven SOUL4 Final Information 2012

details of the pre-event information


From Jct 8 M74 head 6 miles west along the A71. Please check Final details document to confirm parking arrangements.


As per SOUL guidelines

Start times:

11am - 11.59am.
EOD registration opens 11am within the Barrie Shelter.

Entry Fees:

Entry fees on the Day
All Park entrants £2 ; Students & Juniors £4.50 ; Senior & Junior on Urban Course working together £11.50 ; Seniors £8.


Posted on 12th Aug 12 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: Hamilton
Near: Strathaven
OS Grid Ref. NS700448  GoogleMap

Map of Strathaven Market Town MapTerrain description

STAG’s 1st Urban Map scheduled for 3rd use in August 2012.

Details of other mapped locations



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