Sunday 16th January 2011 STAGLASGOW’S 12th Parks Champs - 3 Parks In 1 Day!

Many Thanks to Everyone for their support.
Results, RouteGadget, Winsplits (Race 1 - Race 2 - Race 3)

Our thanks to Robin Strain & Paul Frost for sorting out technical hiccups.

Best Wishes

Selecting the venues was beginning to be a little problematic due to the increasing popularity of the Event. Around September, Jackie and I discussed possibilities and after further thought agreed to use Drumpellier as the 3rd venue due to the facilities available and the “Glasgow Link”.

The Event was then rebranded as “STAGLASGOW’S 12th 3 Parks In 1 Day”

Race 1 - Bellahouston Park
An early start allowed the use of the Sports Centre Car Park and the time of year - Pitch & putt closed - shouldn’t have resulted in any issues but it seems that there was someone out practising even though this isn’t a practise area. Times indicate that the courses were a tad too long.
Thanks to Scott & Robin Orr for running The Start; Kirsten for handing out information at The Finish and Trevor for offering to bring in controls.
Delighted to say that the Finish Unit was also recovered later by Alastair Dunlop in one piece.

Race 2 - Tollcross Park
After the decision was made in September, work began in November on the quiet and no-one was able to confirm what would be happening when. Yes, we took a risk but thankfully things worked out well. The Police were happy for competitors to park in the Bus Lane in Tollcross Road but this didn’t seem necessary.
Thanks to Bernie, Gerry, Jason & Robin Orr for helping out at Tx. I was pleased that the ELTs were spot on !!!

Race 3 - Drumpellier Country Park
On the numerous occasions I have driven up from Bargeddie Roundabout, I became curious why I seemed to pass into and then back out of The City of Glasgow. Careful study of OS Maps confirmed that the old railway line is in fact the boundary between Glasgow & North Lanarkshire. If I had known this back in 1989, I guess this area could have been considered for British Schools Championships.

With everything going so smoothly I was bemused to see that the shutters were all down when I arrived on Sunday. There was concern but no panic. A call back to Jackie @ Tollcross was just 5 minutes too late as some competitors had already left. Improvisation was in the wind until Scott produced his generator which then allowed final splits & results to be printed.

The chasing start seemed to go smoothly however with the exception of Men Open, the other courses appear to have been a little too long to achieve the targeted times.
Thanks again to Robin Orr for assisting throughout the Day.

The success of the Event is due to the support given by our own Club members and friends. Jackie was assisted by Lorna and Robin throughout the day and my thanks to them all.

Equipment for this event was borrowed after the Scottish Score Champs @ Penicuik back in November but we made the error of not resynchronising the blocks the day before and some units had lost around 20 seconds (133 @ Tx & 147 @ DCP as obvious examples) over the past 6 weeks, a lesson learned by all.

Many thanks again for your kind support and we hope you will be able to attend the 2011 Event on Sunday 4th December 2011.
If the rearranged date proved unsuitable for you, we are happy to credit your entry fee for the real 2011 Event and you should email Terry, when entries open, rather than entering on line. Your name shall then be entered directly without you ahving to pay a fee.
Entries open on 1st November 2011 and possible combinations are already under consideration.

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Posted on 16th Jan 11 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G1  GoogleMap

Map of Coatbridge - Drumpellier Country Park MapTerrain description

Located to the North West of Coatbridge and to the east of the M73, this wee gem of an area has only improved over the years.

Originally used way back in the early 1980s, in fact the first STAG Map of the area was our 5th Colour Map.

Permanent Course on site & only 1 or 2 controls engulfed with Summer Vegetation.

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