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Sunday 6th Dec 2009 Glasgow Parks

3 Parks In 1 Day!!

Murray & Kirsten cope with the Strain !

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And so the big day has once again come & gone. Sincere thanks to all the competitors , STAG Members & friends who helped on the day to ensure a smooth, stress free day but the story of this year’s trilogy was becoming an epic.

Initially thoughts began to formulate after our SOL @ Dalnamein in September & I discussed the pros / cons with Jackie. Things were going along smoothly until other events suddenly appeared on the horizon - Swimming Galas, Children’s Parties & some bloke called “Santa” had decided to set up his Grotto a week early.

The combination must have changed at least 3 times & then in the final week just as things were settling down, the boys @ Stirling Surveys decide all to go on a wee jolly for 2 Days down to Northumbria to map the Hadrian Wall path. When I received this news last Monday-St.Andrew’s Day- I thought someone was having a laugh. However true to their word, Steve & Nathan had all the maps printed and delivered by Wednesday.

The next issue was PAT Testing. Having chatted informally to CLS @ Kelvin Hall I was then made aware that all our electrical equipment had to be approved. My immediate reaction was forget it, we will just use our generator. It wasn’t until Monday’s STAG Night Event @ Drumpellier CP when GT reminded me he was a qualified electrician & he could provide stickers & certificates as necessary. As it was CLS Staff never asked to see this evidence on Sunday but being indoors certainly calmed Jackie’s nerves which was a sound move.

And so to the day itself ! Early start had me in Kelvingrove just after 7am & the police car stopped - saw Scott’s Sticker on my car - & drove on. All sites were secured & the flag would be added later. Back home for a cup of T then pack the car & be at Springburn for 9am.

True to form, the Maxwell Clan arrived just before me & Ian very kindly offered advice as to the angle of the Start Banner on the fence. Needless to say he didn’t want to get his feet dirty & just lowered the window. Bernie & Jackie then appeared & this allowed me to put out the kit. My only fear was that the gates into the Rockery would still be locked. Thank-fully this was not the case but a 4th gate which had been padlocked the previous Sunday was now open.

Back to the Start /Assembly & exchanging a few words with competitors including Donald, who by stealth, managed to have me mention where I had been at 7am that morning - Oops.

The decision to issue Race 2 directions on finishing made a lot of sense to allow traffic to leave the Park over a period of time.

With the Starts completed I packed up & off to Kelvingrove. Drove to the Start & put out the wee controls as required. Checked if JR was sorted in the Kelvin Hall & with Lorna they had their accessories to munch & drink. The room itself seemed to double as a Creche & Changing Area which was fine as we had to hire the facility so why not get our moneys worth?

Cathkin Braes is a difficult place to get to. I had tried going via M77 then Clarkston; via M8 & M74 South & thru the town. Distances for the first 2 were almost 15 miles & the last about 8 - so after much deliberation option 3 was suggested. There was very little time difference between all 3 ways.

Access had been arranged but again the fear factor was there - what if the gate wasn’t open? Well on arrival it was “closed over” & a huge sight of relief was given as I swung the gate open & tied it back.

Stewart arrived first & agreed to help park vehicles. I had spoken to 2 guys who were practicising their Golf about the event & all was amicable. Big Ernie seemed to forget & launched a beauty of a shot but a little too close to Stewart’s car. Stewart quite rightly picked up the ball & threw it back towards where it had come from. Big Ernie was not amused & almost burst a blood vessel. Pleased to report that having calmed the big guy down (never met him before in my life!) they both shook hands - problem resolved.

The restructuring of the Chasing Start was an attempt to allow folk to orienteer rather than just to follow. With hindsight this created other issues which Robin explained to Jackie & so the normal format was reinstated. The Big Tepee was supplied by Culture & Leisure Services & we are most grateful for Pat Owen coming along to erect this tentage.

If you had never been to Cathkin Braes before bet you got a wee bit of a culture shock did you not? No surfaced paths, crags, re-entrants, rough, wood, contours - it isn’t like any other Glasgow Park.

And so to the results achieved. Congratulations to everyone who successfully completed the 3 stages! The Strain Family had a good day with Murray & Kirsten both taking the Open Classes. Not to be outdone Dad/Robin finished 3rd in the Super Vets which was won by Les. Janice from ESOC won the inaugural Super Vet Women’s title with another Edinburgh Winner being Jane in the Veteran Womens Class.

It was left to Dave from CLYDE to retain his award but watch out Andy P has his sights on this next year but as he scored 0 points in the Guess The Parks Competition I wouldn’t start training seriously until December 2010.

Crawford won the gift for guessing the parks - scoring 3 points out of 6. 15 folk offered suggestions but only 3 scored any points.

Once again on behalf of STAG many thanks for your kind support & we hope to see you back next year. Should entries continue to rise the format may have to be redesigned but we shall worry about this if it happens.

Very Best Wishes for Christmas & the New Year


PS As the entries began to rise the parking issue rose its head but thank-fully all areas coped but for next year by all means bring a friend BUT do share transport.

Full Results Summary



Winners  Time  Class 
Robert Patterson  31:11  Junior Men 
Karen Maxwell  33:07  Junior Women 
Murray Strain  44:27  Open Men 
Kirsten Strain  45:15  Open Women 
Emily Coon  41:21  Social 
Les Dalgleish  57:13  Super Veteran Men 
Janice Nisbet  45:35  Super Veteran Women 
Dave Robertson  44:16  Veteran Men 
Jane Ackland  44:28  Veteran Women 

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Start times:

10am 12 Noon & 2pm

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Springburn Pond Kelvingrove Statue View from Cathkin Braes

Posted on 06th Dec 09 by Terry O'Brien

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Information about the location

Area: City of Glasgow
Near: Glasgow G1  GoogleMap

Map of Glasgow - Springburn Park MapTerrain description

Permanent course relaunched 2017.

The area was mapped in the mid 1980s as a STAG Junior Project and was included in the first Glasgow Parks Summer Series in 1989.
Another small park but with a variety of terrain it offers a good challenge.

The 10 controls will take about 30 minutes to walk round.

Park History:

Acquired in 1896.
Highest point is 351 feet above sea level.
Magnificient Rockery near Balgrayhill Rd. entrance.
Former Winter Gardens on site.
3 ponds which attract a variety of wildlife.
Peace Garden dedicated to the late Lord Provost, Bob Innes.
Springburn Elderly Mens Club building.
Bowling greens and play area.

Location details: Springburn - Glasgow G21

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