Smartphone OrienteeringUsing the MapRun6 app

Map Run phone app

MapRun6 is an app which allows you to use your smartphone to enjoy orienteering without needing to set up physical control points on the ground. There are now MapRun courses set up all across Glasgow which you can go and run right now, with more new ones being added.

Using MapRun, you can run an orienteering course using either the map on your phone screen or a paper version; the only difference from a “traditional” course is that there are no physical markers on the ground. Instead, the phone tracks your location as you run and vibrates or buzzes to confirm when you’ve reached each control point on the course.

Here WE go! Here WE Go! Here WE GO!The adventure continues Wednesday 12th May 2021


Entries now open for STAG Activity 2 on Wednesday 12th May 2021. Deadline to register is Monday 10th May @ 10pm.

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STAG Renewals 2021Thank-you to all those who have joined STAG for 2021.

As of Saturday 1st May 2021 - 71 Units - 61 Seniors (36M+25W) + 10 Juniors (5M+ 5W).

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Brash Beauty Burns Brightly !

What's it called? ARRIA :)

SCORE Magazine has won the Compass Sport Cover of The Year thanks to Oor Colin :)

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STAG Education Tab updated 22nd April 2021Outdoor Education Resources - enquiries rolling in :)

Firpark Nov2020

During April 2021 progress has been substantial on several fronts

  1. St.Timothy's Primary delayed by building work now rechecked and map updated. Going to print soon.
  2. EDC Project - Merkland School all complete and resources sent to school.
  3. EDC Project - Bearsden Academy , PC installed. Map updated and PDFs in creation.
  4. EDC Project - Lenzie Meadow Primary, PC installed. Map updated and PDFs in creation.
  5. LOST Project - Barony Campus Map completed. PC planned and installation Wed 21st April. PDFs thereafter.

Our largest standard package of resources now offers 50 different maps/courses to provide even more challenging Orienteering experiences on your own school campus. This includes more challenging options where Code Numbers are not provided !!

Some sites may be suitable for our MEGA PACKAGE which uses 70 control sites.

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Important Restart Information

Please note that STAG activities need to conform to guidance from SOA/SportScotland related to the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions.

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New to Orienteering?

Visiting A Control Marker

Orienteering is a sport that combines map reading and running. Competitors have to find their way between a series of checkpoints, called controls, as quickly as possible. There’s no set route between the controls, so you have to decide which way to go and then find your way there without getting lost.