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Click here to take you to the SI Entries Membership Page to give you an indication what it cost to join STAG & SOA in 2019.

Fees for 2020 have just been confirmed (13/8) as follows - to join STAG / SOA - Seniors 21 years+ = £10 ; Juniors £2 : to join STAG /SOA /BOF - Seniors 21years+ = £25 ; Juniors £7.

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STAG Membership Initiative for 2020Pre-register now & enjoy the benefits

With the new 2020 Orienteering membership year beginning on 1st November 2019, it makes little sense to be asking for fees from people who would then have to join again after 1st November. Please read on

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STAG - Where The Action Is !!!

Autumn Colours In Faskally Wood Pitlochry Perthshire Scotland F1Knb2

The orienteering wheels are back in motion & we have a bumper programme planned for the coming months

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Strathearn No More !!!STAG business returns


If you forgot to respond to Arnis re. Harvester/Jukula in 2020 please do so by the before our Club Conference due on Sunday 25th August. This is just an expression of interest at this stage.

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Maps & Permanent Course Maps - 10th August 2019

Kgrov Statue 150X0

The concerns around the BOF Portal still remain unresolved and I await a response from the Chief Executive.

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STAG's raise the bar (again!)Volunteers' Week 1st - 7th June 2019

47 events in 2018/19 . Provisional plans for 2019/20 could smash this figure - Be Part Of The Adventure - Join STAG to-day!!

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New to Orienteering?

Visiting A Control Marker

Orienteering is a sport that combines map reading and running. Competitors have to find their way between a series of checkpoints, called controls, as quickly as possible. There’s no set route between the controls, so you have to decide which way to go and then find your way there without getting lost.