2019 Score + Series

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5 events spread throughout the year. An ideal opportunity for STAG Members to plan & thus indirectly improve both your understanding of the skills being tested when you orienteer & to enjoy the buzz of seeing others enjoy themselves.

Course information

Your Course

The format for Yellow, Orange & Light Green Courses is CROSS COUNTRY i.e. You are instructed which controls you have to visit & in a set order.
The format for SCORE is where you decide the order & the weighting on controls is based on location & difficulty& YOU have a time limit to worry about.
Penalties for being late are 10 points off your score for every second over your chosen time limit..

Course Options

60 minute SCORE - 25 Controls weighted 5 @ 300pts ; 5 @ 400pts ; 5 @ 500pts ; 5 @ 600pts ; 5 @ 700pts.
40 minute SCORE - 25 Controls weighted 5 @ 300pts ; 5 @ 400pts ; 5 @ 500pts ; 5 @ 600pts ; 5 @ 700pts.

Light Green Course - Technically challenging. Likely to be between 3k > 4k. Will use a selection of the 25 Controls listed above.
Orange Course - Technically requires the use of handrails (paths, fences etc) to navigate but allows corners to be cut. Control sites adjacent to line features. Will use a selection of the “300s”, “400” & “500” Control sites from above.
Yellow Course - Technically easy. Requires use of handrails as Orange but Control sites will be on the handrail itself.

Entry Details

Via SI Entries with tiered entry fees from 3 weeks before the Event.

Registration and start times

Informal from 11am until 11:59am but will be extended if required.

Map Details

Map Overprinting - Everyone receives the same overprinted map showing the Start, Finish & location of the 25 Controls in use with their Code Number shown. For SCORE Competitors the Code shown eg “32” indicates that this Control is worth 300pts; “43” is worth 400 pts etc.with further information about Courses printed on the map. This is an attempt to minimise map wastage. Competitors on Light Green, Orange & Yellow Courses need to uplift a separate Control Description list which will indicate the controls they have to visit.


Equipment In Use - STAG use Sportident Timing Equipment & AutoDownload Programme. Electronic Timing Fingers can be borrowed for each event but shall be charged at cost if lost or damaged. Mini-Orienteering Flags tend to be used & to safeguard our kit the Units are likely to be padlocked to a secure location. When checking in at each control hold the Electronic Box in your free hand, pull so that the cable goes tight & so that your SI Finger can fit into the open socket on the box. Code Numbers are shown in Large Print on the top of each Electronic Box. SIAC i.e. non-contact punching shall NOT be activated.

Splits Print Out - A splits print out of your times per leg & the overall time shall be presented when you download.

Results - We aim to have results on our website by 5pm on the afternoon of the event but this is determined by size of entry & by the time we are packed up & grab a bite to eat.

Events in this series