2022 Scottish Score Championships No.803Kildrum Cumbernauld HP & CrowSun 06 November, 2022

Regional level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.



Organiser's Comments - Terry O'Brien BEM, STAG.

Team STAG Thank-you All

Kyle, Crawford, Bernie, Gerry, Fredrik, Marta, Sara, Robin, Sheila, Freyja, John, Lynn, Chris, Gary, Rudi, Arnis, Alan, Iain, Sally and Richard.

Also to Blair and Lorna for use of their Family Gazebo :)

Thank-you for your support and positive comments/emails on a day when things started so very wet but ended in glorious sunshine - someone is looking after STAG!

We also acknowledge assistance from Helen Boyle, Countryside Ranger North Lanarkshire Council, Cumbernauld Park; Duncan Clark, Scottish Wildlife Trust; Niki Howard and Heidi Ross, Scottish Orienteering ; David Ritchie, A4 Design & Print; Si Entries and Police Scotland.

With access to Palacerigg CP not being possible due to a new electrical underground cable suddenly being installed in September, we had to search for another venue. Three other areas were considered but when two of these were also ruled out, the location for the filming of 'Gregory's Girl' released back in 1981 was agreed.

I first discovered this area - which stretches way up to the Castlecary Arches - on my way home from an event at Craig a 'Barns back in 1998. Myself and Angus Fergusson who some of you will remember, decided to go for a wee walk and two hours later we arrived back at my car both agreeing there was potential.

The area was then mapped by Stirling Surveys for a WoSOL in 2001 which received such pathetic support that it moved the planner, Jon Sutcliffe of SutMaps+, to pen an article for SCORE telling folk that they shouldn't be judging an area by what others say. Eminent O personalities of the time Donald Petrie and Gordon Ross were full of praise for the area. Since then, this area has successfully hosted a Scottish Short Race and a few STAG Winter Scores and Cumbernauld itself both Sprint and Urban Races but there still seems to be a real reluctance for orienteers to sample areas, urban or terrain in and around Cumbernauld.

At this point I wish to thank John and Suse (ECKO), Neil and Bob (GRAMP), Lindsey, Colin and Alice (RR), Tim and Helen (SOLWAY), Max, Roy and Catherine from NN / NATO respectively who travelled from the furthest away points of the compass to support our event.

Why others didn't enter there are lots of valid reasons; Where were all the Juniors? - no idea.

With an expected entry of around 120 competitors / 80 cars the issue then arose as where to park. We considered using the parking at the former Cumbernauld Theatre location combined with the public parking behind Cumbernauld House but this just seemed far too complicated so we opted for using Wardpark South Estate which proved ideal!

And so to the Map and Penalties.

Originally the idea was to combine two maps of different scales but this proved impossible as the differences were substantial. 1:4,000 had to be the chosen scale otherwise the Kildrum Estate would have been almost impossible to read.

Our points structure based on the Control Codes has now been used for over 20 years but the current points/penalties came about following a suggestion from Bill Melville. For many years, Bill regularly posted results in the PRESS including The Glasgow Herald and on one occasion mentioned that the reaction from the PRESS to a winning score eg of 300 points wasn't that great but for a score of 3,000 points a few eyebrows were raised, and our sport's profile enhanced just a wee bit.

If the points values increases tenfold then the penalties have to do likewise. No advvantage should be gained by being even a second late.

Organising is straight forward when you have such a wonderful group of Club Members and friends in support and that is the reason why I continue to take on such responsibilities. The old body isn't doing great these days so planning is now a less attractive option.

Kind regards


+ Attached

Controller's Comments - Crawford Lindsay, ESOC.

I'm not sure when or where it was that Terry asked me to control this year's Scottish Score Championships, but I happily agreed. I think Score is the purest form of orienteering; you have a start, a finish and a set time to go and visit controls. What's not to like? This year was slightly problematic as the original chosen location was unavailable. Luckily, we were able to use Kildrum Estate, Cumbernauld House Park, Crow Wood and Cumbernauld Glen and this provided a new twist with a mix of terrain and a 1:4000 map. I think Kyle did a good job and I only really made one suggestion of a control move; you will never know the horrors you missed. Having said that, the vegetation was better on the day than when I first checked the controls. Lastly, the pocket dynamo that is Terry organised the STAG folk so the whole day ran smoothly and it only rained after prizegiving.

Planner's Comments - Kyle Heron, STAG

It is always interesting to plan a score event, and when what felt like a never-ending train of access issues kept coming it meant the late decision to hold the event in Cumbernauld House Park, Glen and Kildrum Estate was a bit tight. This made it more interesting in trying to combine forest, park and urban orienteering into a score format that did not overly favour any of the three terrain types. With the exception of the very steep banks, it is a surprisingly nice orienteering area for being in an urban heartland of central Scotland, with plenty of runnable forest sections (at this time of year) and some nice technical areas. I hope the runners enjoyed the mix of terrain, and the extra challenge of adjusting to an urban scale for some forest orienteering without over or under-shooting when switching between terrain types. A big thanks to Terry for his support,to Crawford for controlling and keeping you out of the worst bits and to my fellow STAGGIES who helped bring in the controls at the end of the event with such efficiency.



Location Info

Near: Cumbernauld
Lat,Lng: 55.96701,-3.96336
OS Grid Ref: NS775767
Postcode: G67 3HF

Open an interactive map in:
GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Directions / Parking

On street parking in Wardpark South Industrial Estate.

Map / Terrain

2 maps in use

Kildrum Estate, Cumbernauld Park & Glen ISSOM, Scale 1:4,000 and Cumbernauld House Park & Glen ISSOM Scale 1:4,000 (Course C).

Both updated October by Terry.

Courses A and B shall have the above maps printed back to back.

Course C use Cumbernauld House Park & Crow Wood map only.

Map size is 53cm x 32cm.

The parkland and urban offer fine running and tricky navigation. Some slopes have been marked as Out of Bounds due to their steepness and slippiness.

Studded shoes are strongly recommended.

Crow Wood forms part of the Cumbernauld Glen (managed by SWT) and is split in two by the Glasgow > Edinburgh Railway.

Competitors can only cross the railway at 3 footbridges and one underpass which shall all be clearly marked on your maps.

Competitors visiting Kildrum Estate must always use the underpasses (5) to access and then exit the area.

The going in the forest is challenging but in November the undergrowth/ferns is less potent.

Pleased be advised to wear full body cover and check your person for ticks after your run.

Registration and Start times

From 10:50am.

Course Information

Final details 1st Nov 2022

3 Courses -

Course A M20s > M35s; W21s - 70 minutes.

Course B MW16 - 18s, W20, W35, M/W40 > 75+ - 60 minutes.

Course C M/W14- 40 minutes. Competitors on this course shall not access Kildrum Estate.

Controls are weighted as described below

Controls coded in the '30s' are worth 300 points each.

Controls coded in the '40s' are worth 400 points each.

Controls coded in the '50s' are worth 500 points each.

Controls coded in the '60s' are worth 600 points each.

Controls coded in the '70s' are worth 700 points each.

Penalties of 10 points off for every second or part of a second over your time limit shall apply

e.g. if you are 45 seconds late you lose 450 points.

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead.

click/tap photos for a larger version

Cumbernauld Jon S Score2002355

Cumbernauld Jon S Score2002355

Control 42

Control 42

Control 45

Control 45

Control 51

Control 51

Control 63

Control 63