Winter Score 3+ No.874.Douglas Estate, By LanarkSun 21 January, 2024

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Tuesday 23rd January 2024

12:15pm update - Fredrik and Thomas moved to Score 60 Minute.

3:40pm update - Lynn's Social Score 2,600pts / 34m27s.

With the results now published I can wrap this event up.

Our thanks go to Grant Conchie, Factor @ Douglas Estate for granting our request to remap and access the area and to the STAG Members who supported me on the day.

Being a volunteer mapper has its +s and -s. Without the availability of LIDAR data I would have really struggled to show the individual trees accurately. For me the question remains as to what fields should be mapped as 'open' and what ones as 'rough open'.

The 'Castle' is a ruin but in OCAD such symbols are square. Originally I drew this as a solid building then cut away the inner part and a bit of the circumference but it then just didn't look right. I resorted to showing it as a Building but on the map it looks like a boulder :(

The Douglas Policies area is pleasant to run in but not that technical when it comes to intricate detail. Over the Douglas Water is kind of similar but I feel that I can extend the map further north and west to give a better depth on that side of the area.

Now being an M65, I am far more sensitive to difficulties experienced by those of a similar vintage when it comes to crossing fences especially when barbed wire is present. The 2024 BOF rules also make reference to this issue.

Consequently, I tried to map all the gates and show by means of a wee purple dash fences where fences could be crossed without encountering barbed wire. This meant that I avoided putting controls in the main field as there was only one gate into the northern wood.

Having the map @ a Scale of 1:7,500 allowed the above but when the extended map is finished most likely this will need to be at a scale of 1:10,000 and such detail is unlikely.

Missing / Stolen Flag ?

Flag 51 / Tree Root appears to have managed to blow itself off and over the fibreglass stake although the wee STAG ticket was lying nearby. Hopefully it shall turn up nearby when I check next time I am in the area.

Thanks to you for braving the Wild Weather and I hope your drive home was uneventful.

Finally , courtesy of Mr.Robin Strain the control flow statistics - here



Location Info

Near: Lanark
Lat,Lng: 55.56104 ,-3.84007
OS Grid Ref: NS842306
Postcode: ML11 0QT

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GoogleMap - Streetmap (OS 50k)
OpenStreetMap - BingMap (OS 50k)

Pre Event Info

This shall be STAG's 75th Winter Score Event, a Series which began back in 1999!

Directions / Parking

Welcome to STAG's 75th Winter Score Event!

The nearest toilets can be found at the Cairn Lodge Services off Exit 11 of M74 South, 3 miles from the venue.

Within the Estate on tracks. Entrance gate off A70. If travelling via M74 the cut off is on your right hand side approximately 300m after the temporary set of traffic lights.

If travelling from Douglas Village, approx 500m on your left after leaving the village.

Public Transport Options

Very limited.

Map / Terrain

This area was last used by TINTO Orienteering Club in the early 1990s.

Map being resurveyed by Terry December 23 / January 24.

Scale confirmed as 1:7,500 with 2.5m contours. Paper Size A3.

This is a working Estate and as such the fencing around the fields as a minimum have a top strand of barbed wire but on occasions double strands and double fences. Please report any damage after your run.

The course has been planned to use gates/ stiles as much as possible - marked on the map with a short purple line or the crossing point symbol where clarity is possible.

South of the Douglas Water - fields, parkland / policy woodland.

North of the Douglas Water - fields, variety of woodland with limited detail. Main Track running west > east stony surface.

2 bridges over the Douglas Water - west most is a footbridge only ; east most can take vehicles.

Both the bridges and stiles are wooden and care must be taken when crossing. Advice is to always walk across the bridges.

Under NO circumstances attempt to paddle, wade or swim in the Douglas Water.

Registration and Start times

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Course Information

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Entry Details

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Dog restrictions

I am awaiting a response from The Estate related to dogs as sheep are present in the area.


Control Descriptions for Score / Score Twist

The Twist

Control Codes run in a numerical sequence from 31 > 75 in batches of 5 controls. Competitors are not permitted to visit controls in sequential order either from 31 > 75 or from 75 > 31.

As an example, if you visit Control 45 you then cannot immediately visit 44 or 51 but have to go to another control.

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