Dark Park Activities 2021/22 - No.733.DPA 1 G.Green & Gorbals NorthWed 06 October, 2021

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What started off as a cracking day then a beautiful evening with a tremendous turn out turned into a damp one. Even with the help of a brolly my clothing and three outer layers were soaked through.

The orienteering demands offered at Glasgow Green are different but are still challenging both physical (you do run faster than usual)- for many your legs shall be sore this morning - and psychological - the size of the paper attacks the human psyche inferring huge distances which is not the case.

Early starters began as the light was fading and then suddenly it was dark and the heavens opened!

Security of controls - flag and Si unit - always needs to be considered but when we are dealing with pure badness there isn't much we can do.

The cable securing '44' was either cut or so severely bent that it was broken and then to add insult to injury tied up finished off with a wee bow but why did they leave the O flag? Weird and sad.

Next up is DPA2 @ Bellahouston Park with courses planned by Fredrik and assembly/parking on Mosspark Boulevard @ eastern gate on Wednesday 20th October 2021.

Location Info

Near: Glasgow
Lat,Lng: 55.85001,-4.23420
Postcode: G1 5DB

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Pre Event Info

WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!

Glasgow Green has been chosen for the 1st DPA as it is a park with lighting so even when it gets dark it shall never be pitch black. Good venue for novices at this kind of Orienteering.

There is also no problem if people wish to orienteer as a pair.

As well as becoming 'darker' the challenge is probably more physical than mental for this activity but care is always required with ones navigation especially route choice.

Directions / Parking

On Templeton Street

Map / Terrain

Produced by Stirling Surveys for HLES Conference 2020 @ 1:4,000. Updated October 2021 by TOBEM.

Registration and Start times

Registration form

Course Information

WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!

3 options updated Friday 1st October 2021- register as soon as possible.

Short - Course A - Start > 51 > 52 > 53 > 54 > 55 > Finish. 1.7k (2k likely). (START >The 50s in Numerical Order > FINISH.)

Medium - Course A followed by Course B so Start > 51 > 52 > 53 > 54 > 55 > 41 > 42 > 43 > 44 > 45 > 46 > Finish - 3.7km (4.5km likely). (START> The 50s IN Numerical Order>The 40s in numerical order>FINISH.)

Long - Course A followed by Course B and then by Course C so Start >51 > 52 > 53 > 54 > 55 > 41 > 42 > 43 > 44 > 45 > 46 > 31 > 32 > 33 > 34 > 35 > 36 > 37 > Finish - 5.9km ( 7km likely).

(START > The 50s then the 40s then the 30s all in numerical order > Finish.)

You only punch the finish control at the end of your option. Now all on 1 map at Scale 1:4,000 size 32cm x 32cm.

With all the lines between controls added the map looks like a spaghetti pattern so to challenge your concentration powers, to make you refer to the Control Descriptions and to be constantly thinking you shall use an all controls map with the code numbers positioned to avoid confusion.

All sites cabled. Training size flags in use. SIAC enabled.

Entry Details

Seniors: £5. STAG Juniors/students: no fee payable. Other Juniors/students: £3.

Can either be paid by the exact amount in cash on arrival, or via bank transfer into STAG's account as detailed after signing up.

Dog restrictions

Well-behaved dogs on a lead.


4th October 2021 All spare headlights reserved.

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IMG 3421
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