STAG Evening 3 - Postbox 'O' - No.719.East Kilbride - Is On !!!Wed 09 June, 2021

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Location Info

Near: East Kilbride
Lat,Lng: 55.75065,-4.15233
Postcode: G75

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Pre Event Info

East Kilbride Postbox O

Our weekly Spring season of orienteering events in Glasgow/Lanarkshire continues with a Postbox-O challenge around the south-eastern part of East Kilbride south of Glasgow.

Only if pre-registered, a park-based challenge will be available for beginners in nearby Calderglen Country Park.

Final details will be available on Friday, with registration closing on Monday evening (pre-registration is necessary under Covid rules).

Please register using this form before Tuesday morning.

Planner - John McK.

Covid Officer - Terry.

Directions / Parking

Pre-registration is essential - by Monday 7th June at the latest. Register online at:

Park in the road that runs parallel to A726 (G75 0QZ) / in the outer car park to Calderglen Country Park. Turn off the A726 into the park. Immediately turn left. Park on this road or in the outer car park to your right.

What three words = ///

Map / Terrain


Registration and Start times

1800 > 1915hrs.

Course Information

If you want to double up (running either a 40 or 60 min run, plus a 20 minute sprint format), please complete two registrations (one for each run).

All formats use same map. 26 controls

1-20 worth 10 points

101-105 worth 20 points

201 worth 30 points

Punitive penalties for finishing late (5 points off per part minute, and 10 points off for every full minute over your time).

Five points to note.

1. Control 201 is a bridge not a postbox

2. Control 17 is the post office, with letters boxes on the wall of office as the control

3. Do not cross over dual carriageways on the road. Rather, cross at designated crossing points (always at the roundabouts, sometimes also bridges and underpasses at other points)

4. Note that there is an additional path between control 10 and 11

5. Note that there is an additional path that could shorten the journey between control 11 and 12

Entry Details

No cost to participants.


Sorry but on this occasion it has proven to be too difficult to provide a non-urban option for under 16s.

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