Scottish Compass Sport Finals No.820.FaskallySun 12 February, 2023

National level event

Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the club, but they can attract people from neighbouring clubs, and are often ideal for newcomers to try the sport. Regional events attract participants from around the local Region, National events are high quality competitions that will attract people from far away, Major events are Major Events such as a British Championships.



Organiser's Report - Terry

Hosting each and every orienteering experience is an immense undertaking be that a training session right up to National Championships and as someone - who was brought out of retirement to run in 'The Cup' - asked me yesterday, has this improved things or just added to the complications? All in all, I guess it is a mixture of both.

Volunteers remain the backbone of our sport without whom the sport as we know it just wouldn't exist. So please remember this when you decide to enter your next event; please recognise that when you place your entry you are obliged to read all the final details and more importantly follow them and as most runners did yesterday thank the people who are prepared to stand about to help run a fair competition.

I suggested to our Club that having learned that a part of Faskally {SW side of main hill} had been earmarked to be clear felled that we should take this opportunity for possibly the last time to use probably one of Scotland's finest technically small area and this was agreed.

When Fredrik agreed to plan we swung into action and even though he wasn't available on the day, Ross fulfilled his role and fine tuned the courses.

We are so lucky to be involved in such a wonderful sport. Unlike most other sports, we need to set up our 'playing field' each and every time and then dismantle the infrastructure and if someone visited Faskally today there would be little evidence that we had ever been there.

We look forward to offering you another wonderful orienteering experience in Errochty Forest on Sunday 12th March 2023.

Planner's Report - Fredrik

Faskally is a lovely forest — it's just a shame it isn't twice as big! We expected that winning times on Brown in particular might be fast, and were not disappointed by our athletes. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the balance of length and climb for the courses — I realise it's a big climb up the hill for older athletes, but it would be a shame to miss out on the best area of Faskally and only be confined to the paths! Despite the prevalence of paths, I'm glad to see many different route choices on Routegadget.

In addition to all the other volunteers, I would like to thank Terry for helping to put out controls, and Terry, Marta, Alex, Alison, Rudi, Ross and Thomas for helping to bring them in again. Particular thanks also to Ross McLennan for excellent suggestions on tweaking the courses, and checking control sites in miserable weather, without even having the benefit of enjoying the event on the day.

Finally, thank you to all participants for your support, and especially for your positive comments about the event and the courses.

Location Info

Near: Pitlochry
Lat,Lng: 56.71116 ,-3.7631
OS Grid Ref: NN922591
Postcode: PH16 5BX

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Pre Event Info

Live results

The pin on the Google map shows the Pre-Start Area.

Directions / Parking

In car parks throughout Pitlochry. Competitors only need to visit Scout Hall to uplift 'hired' Si fingers and to download after their run.

Map / Terrain

Updated November 2022 by Steve Barrett, Stirling Surveys. Scale 1:7500 5m contours ISOM 2017 specification.

Registration and Start times

Starts from 11am as agreed with your Club Captain.

Course Information

Confirmed Monday 6th February 2023

1. Brown (Men Open)7.6370
2. Short Brown (M20-, M40+)5.5280
3. Blue Women (Women Open)4.8235
4. Blue Men (M50+)5.1240
5. Green Women (W20-, W45+)3.1165
6. Green Men (M60+)3.3180
7. Vet Short Green (M70+, W60+)2.6130
8A. Junior Men Green (M18-)3.3180
8B. Junior Women Short Green2.5140
9A. Orange Men (M14-)2.470
9B. Orange Women (W14-)2.470
10. Super Veterans Short Green (M80+, W70+)2.5140
Non CSC Light green2.4105
Non CSC Yellow2.060
Non CSC White1.220

Entry Details

Start times are here.

Dog restrictions

Sorry but dogs are not allowed to run with competitors at this event.


Main Officials

Contact details as supplied by the CSC Coordinator.

Organiser - Terry O'Brien BEM (STAG)

Planner - Fredrik Nordvall Forsberg (STAG)

Controller - Ross McLennan (FVO).

Final details

Our forests are at risk from tree pests and diseases. These can dramatically affect the health of our trees, upsetting the delicate ecosystem balance and devastating large areas of woodland.
Pests and diseases hitch a ride in mud and debris on shoes, paws and tyres, ending up in new forests. Here, they can spread rapidly in environments with no natural resilience.

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On their way to the Start Kite

On their way to the Start Kite
Credit: FNF

Pete Younger ELO & an ESOC lady

Pete Younger ELO & an ESOC lady
Credit: FNF

Graeme of Edinburgh Interlopers

Graeme of Edinburgh Interlopers
Credit: FNF

Looking down from Faskally's highest hill

Looking down from Faskally's highest hill
Credit: FNF

Edinburgh University person

Edinburgh University person
Credit: FNF

Andrew of Moravian Orienteers (?)

Andrew of Moravian Orienteers (?)
Credit: FNF

Steve of CLYDESIDE Orienteers

Steve of CLYDESIDE Orienteers
Credit: FNF

Is this Nikki H SOA COO of Moravian Orienteers?

Is this Nikki H SOA COO of Moravian Orienteers?
Credit: FNF

Someone we don't know :(

Someone we don't know :(
Credit: FNF