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About STAG

In 1982, St. Andrew’s Orienteering Club (Glasgow) was formed in the East End of Glasgow with the primary purpose of making Orienteering a more accessible activity. By producing maps & hosting events,… more

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Explanation of Event levels

Local events are usually low key and in the 'localised' area, ideal for newcomers to try the sport and Activities are non competitive events used for training and coaching, aimed at members of the clu… more

Important Event Information

Safety and Risk: A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the eve… more

Permanent Orienteering Courses

A number of our mapped areas have a permanent orienteering course available, the mapped areas page informs you which ones.… more


As of May 2019, STAG , in conjunction with has now completed 33 school projects to enhance the availability of Orienteering as a catalyst for learning. The 2018 project for the new… more

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