EducationPromoting Outdoor Learning through Orienteering

Sta January 2010 Colour Numeracy

Sta January 2010 Colour Numeracy
Credit: Terry O'Brien

Last Updated: Wed 19 Dec 2018

As of December 2018, STAG , in conjunction with has now completed 33 school projects to enhance the availability of Orienteering as a catalyst for learning & working on 2 more.

The latest project has huge significance as it was the newly built St. Andrew's Secondary - where our adventure started back in the 1980s - 70 controls supplemented by mobile facility - initiated by PE Department.

Orienteering is known as “Cunning Running” & “The Thought Sport” where physical fitness & intellect have to combine to achieve success. Throughout SCOTTISH EDUCATION, the delivery of Learning Outcomes in Health & Well-Being is everyones responsibility & not just Physical Educationists!

Although our initial work focused on our sport as the catalyst, we are now exploring ways in which the many disciplines within the Physical Education Curriculum can be used to drive forward, augment and strengthen the work undertaken within the Mathematics Curriculum through the active health & learning approach. Further links with Science and Home Economics are also being actively researched.


STAG’s successful Sports Lottery application to establish permanent facilities in all major Glasgow Parks provided a second level for Orienteering to take place. In 2003 in conjunction with Glasgow City Council Education Department a partnership was entered into to map all Schools within the City. Funding was however withdrawn in 2005 and the project remains incomplete.

Schools' Development

Despite this disappointment, STAG has continued to assist schools, mostly through the delivery of Orienteering via Physical Education by upgrading maps to full colour, installing permanent courses on site & creating teaching packs for the delivery of Core Physical Education.

Over the past decade STAG has either mapped or/and installed permanent courses & resource materials at
1.Cathkin High School, Cambuslang
2.Coltness High School, Wishaw
3.Chryston High School, Muirhead
4.Lourdes Secondary School, Cardonald, Glasgow
5.Notre Dame High School, Glasgow
6.Rosshall Academy, Penilee, Glasgow
7.St.Ninian’s High School, Kirkintilloch
8.St.Paul’s High School, Glasgow
9.St.Thomas Aquinas Secondary, Glasgow
10.St.Bridget’s Primary, Baillieston, Glasgow.
11.Bankhead Primary, Knightswood, Glasgow.
12.Lochend Community High School, Easterhouse, Glasgow.
13.Kirkshaws Primary, Coatbridge - just mapped.
14.Coatbridge High School
15.John Paul Academy, Glasgow
16.King’s Park Secondary
17.Knightswood Secondary
18.Avenue End Primary
19.Mount Vernon Primary
20.Carmyle Primary
21.Swinton Primary
22.St.Blane’s Primary
23.St.Mary’s Primary (Maryhill)
24.Cardinal Newman High School, Bellshill
25.St.Aidan’s Primary(Wishaw) - completed August 2014.
26.St.Ambrose High School, Coatbridge - completed August 2014.
27.Thornlie Primary, Wishaw - completed April 2015.
28. St.Mary’s RC Primary Bo’ness - completed April 2015.
29. Oakgrove Primary, Glasgow - completed April 2015.
30. Duncanrig Secondary, East Kilbride - completed July 2015.
31. Eastmuir School, Barlanark - completed April 2017.
(32. Taylor High School, Carfin - completing August 2018.)
(33. Calderhead High School, Shotts - completing September 2018)
(34. St.Timothy’s Primary, Greenfield, Glasgow - completing September 2018)
(35. St.Andrew’s Secondary, Glasgow - completing - September 2018)

2013 Projects

In 2013 The Glasgow City Council Education Primary PE Programme in conjunction with STAG have been working on “Project 2013”.
Caledonia, Sandaig & Garrowhll Primaries still remain to be completed but access is still proving difficult.

Curriculum for Excellence

Terry O’Brien (PE) @ John Paul Academy & Bernie Lafferty (Mathematics) @ St.Ninian’s HS Kirkintilloch are pioneering not just how Orienteering can be enhance through the delivery of PE & Mathematics but also how other subjects can embrace the Outdoor Education Theme. Cross Curricular Projects or IDL (Inter Disciplinary Learning) using Orienteering as a catalyst are highly challenging & rewarding to all participants & not as daunting as it may seem at first glance.

What facilities are required?

An Orienteering map of your school campus, the installation of a permanent course with supplementary equipment to enhance the challenge, sets of maps & guidelines.

All these educational tools can be set up through STAG. Only in exceptional circumstances will we undertake projects where the map has been produced by someone else.