2020 Compass Sport Cup/Trophy Scottish Final 15th March ErrochtyResults now available.

Posted: Tue 10 Mar 2020

Click here for results, including Winsplits and Routegadget.

2020 CSC STAG Final Details 10 March 2020v5 RS CDM TOB

2020 CSC STAG Final Details 10 March 2020v5 RS CDM TOB

Planning is complete for CSC 2020 being held at Errochty Forest, Calvine & course lengths/climbs are posted on the Errochty Event Page.

A YELLOW course shall be available on the day for no charge - 5 Entries have been received to date for YELLOW - H.Inman, E.Connor, FVO, C.Pearson TAY, C. Duguid TAY, R.Laird INVOC. There shall now be a separate Start location for this course which shall be just beyond where other competitors turn off the track to get to the Main Start. Please uplift YELLOW Maps from Assembly & it shall be an unmanned Start. Further requests by Thursday 11th by 10pm welcome. The number of available maps for use on day shall be published here.

There shall be a Light Green Course available via pre-entry for Novice Adults who are not wishing to run the appropriate Age Class Course. 12 additional copies shall be available for entry on day with a £2 surcharge i.e. £12. Again an email can reserve a map by 10pm Thursday for a fee of £10.

All CSC or T runners need to run on the designated courses for their Age Group unless they are running 'up' as is allowed within the rules.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that YOU enter the correct course to be competitive.

Your Club Contact has received the information necessary to distribute Start Times.

Organiser & Planner - Terry O'Brien, STAG. Controller - Colin Matheson, MOR.

Start times shall run from 11:30am > 12:59pm.

Main Start is located 1km from parking - toilets after you cross bridge.

Both Finishes 800m from parking & competitors pass near to Eastern Finish on way to Main Start. Return from both via forest road.

The parking fee for cars is £2 & £5 for Minibuses. (+ VAT :( )