22nd Glasgow Parks Champs - Sunday 5th December 2021Pre-register to ensure this Festival goes ahead

Tx 21St Anniversary 2003

Tx 21St Anniversary 2003

Posted: Thu 21 Oct 2021

Send an email to before 5th November to register your interest. The response received shall determine whether the GPC21 is viable or not.

If the 22nd GPC goes ahead this year there shall be some changes

1. Age Classes shall be combined to reduce the number of courses.

2. Races 1 & 2 shall still aim for a leading time of 10 > 12 mins ; Race 3 20 > 25 mins.

3. Start times for each Race shall be split into 3 Blocks (A, B and C) and competitors shall be issued with a different block for each Race.

4. Loose CDs shall only be available via the STAG Website to download from 8pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021.

5. Splits shall be available after each race.

4. There shall be no chasing start, no overall results at the event and no formal prizegiving. Trophies shall be available to uplift at events in late December 21 and January 22.

5. We aim to have full results on our website by 5pm on Sunday 5th December 2021.