Again STAG lead by example!Time for Orienteering to get our house in order!

Posted: Thu 30 Jun 2022

At GPC 2021 we offered innovative ideas to encourage participants to bite the bullet and make a difference and we shall do the same for GPC2022.

Combatting Global Warming -

In a further attempt to encourage orienteers to reduce our carbon footprint, STAG offers incentives to you to share transport or use public transport or cycle or other when attending GPC 2022.

1. Using public transport / cycling / running. STAG would refund to the individual(s) 75% of your entry fee. After the event send an email to by Friday 26th August 2022 and payment shall be arranged.

2. Travel by Minibus

Should a Club organise such for their members and 9 or more travel within the hired vehicle, STAG shall reimburse to Your Club Funds 50% of the Entry Fees paid by the occupants of the Minibus.

The driver should send an email no later than Friday 26th August 2022 to listing the names of those who have travelled by minibus.

3. Travelling in a vehicle with 3 or more occupants

STAG shall offer each of the occupants of a qualifying vehicle, a 25% discount off the entry fee for either the Scottish Score Championships 2022 (November 2022) or for 1 of our SCORE Events being held in January and February 2023.

Should you fulfill this criteria the car driver should send an email to no later than Friday 26th August 2022 stating car registration and the names of orienteers who travelled in your car.

STAG shall always be pleased to support further innovative ideas - Max & Paul GPC 2021 Electric Vehicle comes to mind - just send an email explaining how your travel plans were greener than usual to by Friday 26th August 2022 for our consideration.

"WE do what WE do as it is GOOD for US and GOOD for YOU!