CAT3 another success(but the light is fading fast)

Alexandra Park Gc Pavilion

Alexandra Park Gc Pavilion

Posted: Wed 18 Sep 2019

11 participants popped along to Alexandra Park for training this evening.

Well that's 3/ 3 with high attendance numbers (6 had to call off!) & with a little help from Gerry we nearly beat the fading light. Educational it was - do you really understand the map symbols or was it just the pressure situation created - the judge is still out.

Rudi now has an inclination as to what GOLF is as he, Niall, Thomas & Mark - working in pairs - managed to complete the Map Memory / Par 3 / 10 Holes Course finding most of the subtle controls indicated by a wee bit of coloured tape. Lyznik/Petr our latest recruit from Czech Republic studying @ University of Strathclyde for the next year also enjoyed his first exposure to STAG.

In fading light, the 6 other attendees Chris, Lynn, Marta, Peter, Ross & Ruth had their 'GOLF' adapted to Par 5s and again successfully completed the exercise as darkness fell.

Thanks to Gerry for his assistance & thanks to everyone who attended (or just couldn't locate our meeting point which was shown on our website).

Please note that for the Dark Park Experience scheduled for early 2020 our meeting point is at the Golf Club Pavilion located within the NW corner of the park to which vehicle access is possible.